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Getting started with the Library

No description

Christian West

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Getting started with the Library

Getting started with the Library
Issues in the Library (building)
Lifecycle of a librarian
by Gene Ambaum & Chris Hallbeck http://www.unshelved.com/2016-5-26
by Norm Feuti http://retailcomic.com/comics/march-10-2008/
Search engine humor
by Joe Conrad http://www.joeconrad.com/blog/search-engine-humor/
Calvin and Hobbes
by Bill Watterson http://bit.ly/1fRL9Nr
by Jorge Cham http://www.phdcomics.com/
by Dan Piraro http://bizarro.com/comics/december-1-2004/
by Randall Munroe https://xkcd.com/565/
Good tickle brain
by Mya Gosling http://goodticklebrain.com/libraries/
Frank and Ernest
by Bob Thaves Tom Thaves
Publishing woes
by Siprest http://www.yourghostwriteronline.com/5-reasons-to-self-publish-your-book/
Glasbergen Cartoon Service
by Randy Glasbergen http://www.glasbergen.com/
9 to 5
by Harley Schwadron http://www.gocomics.com/9to5/2011/04/27
Sarah's Scribbles
by Sarah C Anderson http://sarahcandersen.com/
World of Cow
by Stik http://www.stik.biz
Zanetti's View
by Paul Zanetti http://www.zanettisview.com/
Discovery services
Library sharing
Long lived librarian
Library citation
Library metrics
Licensing in the library
Sharing sensitive data
What's my metadata schema?
Vocabularies for data description
Walk the crosswalk
Library management's (evil) plans
What are publishers and funders saying about the library?
Library literacy and outreach
Library interviews: talk the talk
Explore APIs and Apps
Find it with data
Tools of the library trade
What's in a name?
Making connections
2016 has seen some comings and goings in Library services: farewell to Rita Dutta and Bee Lim and welcome back to Christian West
6 Library staff have undertaken higher duties
And two staff secondments to other areas
This year we have also seen many comings and goings amongst the group of causal staff
Changes to staffing arrangements on the LSD with permanent staff no longer working Saturday or Sunday and shift length changes to 1 ½ hours
There have been lots and lots of meetings to occupy everyone’s time, team meetings, CDG, CMG, Web group, service desk, planning and broader T and L sessions. LLG, T and L strategic planning / and or reporting, CAUL, ALIA URLS, Libraries Australia User Group (LAUG), Relais User Group meeting (RUG) CAUL Datasets
Staff development sessions have been plentiful, with nearly 30 professional development activities undertaken by staff throughout the year , 6 staff supported with study assistance
UC book – Chandani, Pete, Deborah and Amanda finished on CO-ORD group. Lisa, Fritha, Guilia, Sage-Nelly and Joanne started on CO-ORD group
Harmony Day lunch, BBQ for students held in semester 1, BBQ for staff, birthday morning tea each month
Food and drink allowed on all levels of Building 8
Draft options, 6 in total, for the Library building presented
7 day loan material interfiled with general collection and lots of other book moves and dismantling of shelving more recently
Extended Library opening hours during semester 2 exam period
Workroom rearrangements to accommodate Library staff from level D to level c and then Joined by other T and L staff from building 1
Displays: ‘Discover more’ .. in the Library, UC book 2016/2017
Visits and tours: Careers UC, Charles Sturt students, President of Mekelle Uni. from Ethiopia + 5 delegates
And of course the usual run of maintenance issues such as broken lights, PA system, chairs, carpet tiles
VLE procurement – huge amount of time invested in user stories, evaluation team, attending demonstrations and mapping existing workflows
Strategic Renewal project
Dark repository and ERA which saw Terri and Helen travel to Perth with Ashraf from SIE team to visit UWA and ECU – photos from the visit will be made available
New services: Shared liaison model, Book a research consultation
New documents/policies: Open Access Policy, Teaching and Learning Business Continuity plan, Library operational guidelines, Determination of course particulars (DCPs) x 8
Stats for a busy year
676,437 visitors
54,838 loans
36,351 renewals
One-to-one consultations 133
43 training sessions with 717 attendees
44 tours with 997 attendees
So quite a busy year as you can see, Congratulations to all of you and thank you very much 

So what is coming up in 2017 I hear you ask?

Let’s start with the strategic areas identified by VC at the recent town hall – noted as 8 things
Teaching and Learning will have a role to play in a number of these strategic areas with a focus on curriculum renewal and VLE renewal (or implementation), all with continued business as usual.
And here in the Library we are in for another busy year with the focus being on the helpzone project, implementation of any recommendations from the strategic renewal project, Insync will be undertaken in the first half of the year, continued research support, VLE implementation and all with continued business as usual.
Thanks to Glenn for his help with maintenance this year. Dealing with toilet troubles, broken lights, and moving the collection have all been dealt with by Glenn in 2016. A special thankyou for not yelling at Christian when he wanted more shelves moved.
The Library lifecycle changes year to year, and this year has seen changes relating to our hours as we removed permanent taff from Saturdays. Thanks to Janice for ensuring the roster is always up to date and reflects what is going on.
2017 has been an interesting year with a lot of changes. The web is used as a tool to reflect our changes to our communities. Thanks to Sevilay for capably wrangling all of us into making these changes as needed.
Sharing knowledge is important in our business. Thanks to Anne-Marie for openly sharing what she learns in her studies whenever help is needed. This has recently included creating a report for Christian on various stocktaking methods in libraries.
Although none of our staff are aged greater than 21 years old Judy has managed to be here the longest. If there was a section on being organised then Judy would be in that section, and thanks to all her work, especially in regards to changes to her role in the last 12 months.
Making links with research is a much needed parf our business, and the work that Terri does to align what we do with what the research office does is commendable. Also, pushing for what's best in the research repository is something Terri does with diplomacy.
Not everyone know, but everytime Christian needs statistics, he approaches Helen Duffy. And he does it a lot. And often at short notice. Helen has helped Christian immeasurably with the work he does, and even provided statistics on the morning of this presentation when sent an email late at night with the subject line "I think I'm doing this wrong".
Ling has taken on a number of extra tasks this year, and one of those is reading our licenses. She has done this with little fanfare but much skill. She has also had to listen to Christian complain about how various vendors are gouging us. Sorry about that.
Every few years we have a particular member of the public ask for an embargoed thesis. Every few years we tell them no. This is because it is restricted to authorised Defence personnel. Thank-you to Chairan for keeping up the tradition of not letting this person get to the thesis. One day we'll allow access... maybe.
Thanks to Kath for the work she has done during the year in overseeing the metadata schemas of the Library. Christian also wants to thank her for the work she has done helping out with the Copyright website and libguide recently.
Fritha received a card with a terrible cataloguing pun in it, sorry Fritha. But thank-you for your willingness to help out with any and all of the tasks that you are asked to do. Lately this seems to be only cataloguing based requests, but NCACL are very happy!
Thanks to Amanda for her work in cross-team promotion. Georgie has had only good things to say about the work you are doing in SIE, and the ability to work in two different space and still achieve excellent outcomes in wonderful. Amanda working in both teams also means that cross-sharing of knowledge is happening, thanks to Amanda for jumping at the opportunity to do this.
Just before the new VC started, Christian asked Anthony to audit the storerooms of the Library. Many people helped out, but Anthony created a document that says where things are and, more importantly, what they are. Helen needed this in case we were quickly told to vacate the building for renovations. As a side benefit, Christian discovered the VC has been sneaking through buildings at night and questioning staff the next day on what he finds. Now, thanks to Anthony, we know exactly what we have and where it is.
This is just for the video really. Mwhahahaha.
It's hard to believe Lisa has only been here just over a year. Strangely, HR Online tells Christian that she's been here 14 years and 3 months, but that doesn't sound right. She has quickly learnt how we deal with monographs, and it's impossible to visualise the team without her now.
Keryn has not had the greatest few months, but it doesn't show in her attitude to her work. She has quickly volunteered to help on a number of groups involving marketing of what the Library does, and will be involved in even more of those early in the new year.
Murray is luckily on Long Service Leave at the moment, but he's spent the year building amazing relationships, both internal and external to the Library. He's been asked to be on the management committee for a health librarian's group, he is a key contact for the research office, and he makes Christian laugh with terrible jokes. All very important things.
We don't have many APIs here in the Library, but I wanted to thank Lesley for her work in modernising Relais so that the public interface is simpler to use for our clients. Over the next year there will hopefully be extra work as part of the VLE to simplify things more, and Lesley will very capably deliver on this because of her enthusiasm and drive for document services.
Judie is like Sherlock Holmes, if w need to find something out about a textbook, she'll get to the bottom of it. This is a very valuable skill in the work that she does, thanks to Judie for using her skills in this area throughout the year.
Sometimes small tasks are things we can be very thankful for. Earlier in the year Sonny demonstrated the MUCOW to a number of staff members. When Christian started, he was on-trained by one of those staff members. He's subsequently used it a number of times with external groups who come to the Library. Training like this is important in building knowledge across the Library for our services and keeping up our skills. Thanks Sonny.
Mahira's name has two meanings. In Arabic it means capable, and in Hebrew it means swift. Both of these words describe Mahira's attitude to her work. She is certainly capable, and whenever asked for anything to be done, it's achieved quickly.
Last, but definitely not least, is someone who has also done their part in maing connections with other groups. Earlier in the year Rita organised a very successful Harmony Day lunch. Invites were sent to people from all of the teams in our building and it was fantastic. Making connections, within our building, within the University, and within the wider community, are very important. Anything that can be done to develop these relationships is something that will be of benefit to everyone.
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