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Theatre Terminology

No description

Sarah Shotts

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Theatre Terminology

Introduction to Theatre Appreciation
This week is an introduction to some basic theatre terms and tips for doing well in this online class.

(Use arrow keys to go to next slide.)

The Financial Backer
Responsible Overall
Raises Money, Chooses Show,
& Handles Business Side.
Stage Manager
The Organizational Force
Responsible for Keeping Show Organized and Running Smoothly.
The Creative Visionary
Makes Artistic Choices for Production. Responsible for the Artistic Outcome.
Responsible for Portraying Characters Onstage.
Visual Artists
Responsible for a single area of the Producion... Lighting, Scenery, Props, Sound, Costumes, etc.
or "Crew Members"
Technical Support for ALL Areas (Lighting, Scenery, Sound, etc.)
Still Confused?
Watch this...
Why Up?
Stages used to be built on a slight slope called a
. Because of this actors who stood near the backdrop were actually
than the others. Stages aren't often built that way now, but the name stuck.
Whose Left?
Stage directions might seem backwards to you, but they are oriented or the actors' left and right as if they are standing facing the audience. This helps the director tell them where to go.
The wings are the areas just offstage to the right and left of a traditional proscenium stage. This is where the actors wait to enter and where crew members stand by.
A Few More
Here are a few terms professionals use instead of their amateur counterparts. Please use these in your writing this semester...

(instead of Practice)
(instead of Try Outs)
The word cast is used to mean two different things. I'm going to break them down for you...
"The Cast"
As a noun cast means the group of actors who perform in a play.

ex. "The cast arrived at the theatre early so they could put on costumes and makeup before the show.
Cast (the verb)
Cast is also used as a verb meaning the act of choosing actors.

ex "Samantha was cast as the Wicked Witch." or past tense "The play was well cast."

Note the correct form is cast...NOT "casted." (The word "casted" is never used in theatre.)
Building Vocabulary
It's easy to get confused when a lot of new words get thrown your way. Remember you can always email me if you are confused. I'm happy to help. Here are a few terms student's usually have trouble with.
Look up your section number
in your syllabus or on BB.

Your section number will be the last two numbers after TH-175...
. (You will be quizzed on this.)

When emailing me with questions be sure to include your section number so I know which class you are in.

Make Up Assignments
no circumstances
will a quiz be reopened. If you have technical difficulties you will be allowed to do a written makeup assignment.
Technical Problems
Do let me know you are having problems, but I am not equipped for tech support. Please contact MUW Tech Support or your local internet provider for help with technical problems. (Learn more about Canvas at muw.edu/online/student)
Youtube Videos
You will be quizzed on video content during this course. Sometimes videos hosted on Youtube are removed or the links change.

If you encounter a video that is no longer available please email me at once. If I am not alerted before the quiz deadline I cannot correct the issue and
your grade will stand.
Taking Quizzes
It is your responsibility to ensure you have a
strong internet connection
BEFORE taking a quiz. I recommend attempting to take the quiz before the deadline in case you have connectivity problems.
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