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Technology- Graphics

No description

Tahlia Lesleighter

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology- Graphics

Technology- Graphics- Folio Tahlia Lesleighter Design Brief -Being sick and missing some lessons
-Other school programs changing Tech schedule
- Being lazy and getting behind in work
- Having to change my ideas because I didn't have the resources I need.
- Bad time management Design Limitations All brands have their own logos that represent their merchandise. The task this term is to create our own brand for a range of clothing and to creatively present the logo on a swingtag. The swingtag and logo has to be eye-cacthing and original. A well designed graphic image will be eye-catching and interesting. It has to have a unique, interesting design. It can appeal to one group of people like women's clothing or babies clothing. Or it could be one specific thing for everyone like swimming costumes or books or a wide range of things like stationery. For the design to be successful it can have lots of colours and be eye-catching like the NBC logo or it could have bright colours and look fun like the Chupa Chups logo or it could be simple and smart looking like the Typo logo. Criteria for Success Week 4 Wednesday- Started Prezi Powerpoint
Week 4 Thursday - Away at music lesson
Week 4 Friday - Worked on Prezi and the Design Brief and Limitations
Week 5 Tuesday- Worked on Prezi
Week 5 Friday - Started brainstorming ideas for my logo and swingtag and drawing them up.
Week 6 Wednesday- Missed the lesson due to being away at Band and Choir camp.
Week 6 Thursday - Missed the lesson due to being away at Band and Choir camp.
Week 6 Friday- Started creating logo on Illustrator.
Week 7 Tuesday - Worked on logo on Illustrator.
Week 7 Friday - Worked on logo on Illustrator.
Week 8 Wednesday - Worked on logo on Illustrator.
Week 8 Thursday - Worked on logo and Prezi powerpoint.
Week 8 Friday - Finished logo and printed off on iron on paper.
Week 9 Tuesday- Started swingtag on Illustrator.
Week 9 Friday - Handed in Assignment! Time Management Plan Logo Ideas P- Nice font
M- Too plain
I- Interesting font P- Cool font, cool with the underline
M- Not straight, a bit wonky
I- Interesting, unique font P- Cool font and looks smart with the symmetry effect
M- A bit wonky and looks weird
I- It looks cool with the symmetry effect P- Simple and interesting with the brackets
M- Maybe a little too simple
I- Interesting having the brackets around the title P- Nice font, slender and feminine
M- Too simple, needs a picture or something else
I- Interesting with the flick at the end of the A P- Bright and colourful, appealing to a child
M- A bit too bright
I - Interesting font P- Fun with the flower shape and the bright colours
M- It doesn't appeal to adults as they are childish bright colours
I- The font is interesting P- Colourful and bright, eye-catching
M- Colours are too childish for a superhero
I- Interesting with the S in the diamond P- Cool, interesting image and nice simple colours
M- Font is a little bit too simple
I- Interesting image I am very happy with the way my logo turned out. I was successful with my design as it is a good logo focusing on formal baby clothes. It is a very feminine logo with a pink flower and curvy writing. I did get a little off track at times because I got a little confused at times. I wouldn't change my design if I had any more time because I am very happy with my design because it met my expectations. The best features of my design is just that is simple and I like the design and shape of the flower. The trickiest part was drawing the flower on the computer because I couldn't keep my hand steady when drawing the petals and the stem. The easiest bit for me was probably making the swingtag. The funnest part of this project was finishing my logo and swingtag and getting to present them creatively. Evaluation Research
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