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Life of a ranger!!

No description

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Life of a ranger!!

Park Ranger!!
inner owl!!
do you love to be in the outdoors?
do you love animals?
if your inner owl goes Whoo then being a park ranger is the job for you!
Ranger Qualifications
being a park ranger....
when being a park ranger you have to assist the public in the use of recreation facilities
protect the parks and there natural resources
patrol the parks to ensure public safety
you will carry firearms, have the authority and responsibility of peace officers
may be assigned leadwork responsibility over one or more park ranger assistants and/or park maintenance aides
salary 3,967 - 4,823 monthly
one of the benefits is having health,dental and life insurance
you must be a US citizen who is 18 years old or older
you need a drivers license
you need to know first aid and CPR in case of emergencies
you need to know how to speak, read, and write English to work with others
possession of a state of California peace officers standards and training (p.o.s.t)
completion of all major coursework required for an associate of arts or
an A.S. degree in natural resources management or completion of minimum of 12 semester or an 18 quarter unit at an accredited college or university in park administration, forestry, recreation administration, or natural resource
take the filling exam with in a year
The scheduled cut-off dates are at 5:00 pm on: 1/3/14, 4/4/14, 7/3/14, 10/2/14; with the final filing date scheduled to occur at 5:00 pm on: 1/2/15.
you need a score of 80% or higher
contact info.
location:Sacramento, CA
address: County of Sacramento Department of Personnel Services Employment Services Division 700 H Street, Room 4667 Sacramento
website: www.SacCountyJobs.net
phone number: 916-874-5593
thanks for listening
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