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Ender's Game

No description

Brandon Sellers

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Ender's Game

The Final Battle
Birth of the Hero
In Ender's Game, the Hero Quest begins at the birth of the main character, where all his life, Ender has been singled out from other children. This is because he is the "third" child of family - which is looked down upon in the futuristic world where only two children are allowed per family. His family is given the parents permission to conceive another child since their other children were promising. Ender is taken to battle school by the International Fleet to join a Battle School in outer space.
crossing the thresh hold
Call To Adventure
Helper's and Weapon
Ender's call to adventure was when Colonel Graff showed up at his house offering him a choice to go to a battle school in the sky to train to fight the buggers. It was Ender's choice, he could have chosen to not go if he really didn't want to but. he decided he wanted to go and maybe get a chance to save the world.
Crossing The Threshold
Ender starts to cross the threshold when he decides to go with Colenal Graff. Ender completely crosses the threshold when steps onto the ship and is fully comited to leaving all he has ever known and go to the battle school among the stars.
Ender faces a challenge in battle school which, although he does not know at the time, determines if he is capable of transferring to command school. The battle is very different compared to others he has faced in the past week, because it involves two armies against his own.
Although Ender is unable to get back to Earth, his return "home" depicts him returning to a somewhat-normal life. He is picked up off his lonely little planet by his sister Valentine so they can go to inhabit one of the old bugger planets and start a new human colony.
Although Ender is unable to get back to Earth which means he can't really return home but the end of this book implies that he might be able to return to a normal life. The novel ends with Ender and Valentine on there way to a new planet for human colonization where they may stay for the rest of their life.
- Valentine, Colonel Graff, Alai, Bean, Petra, Dink, Crazy Tom, Shen, Han Tzu, Fly Molo, Carn Carby, Major Anderson, Mazer Rackham

Ender's mind, the strategies and tactics learned at battle school, as well as adapting to different situations quickly and intellectually

Connection to Scott Russell Sanders Essay part 1
Ender was being put through what he thought were simulations that Mazer Rackham was programming when in reality he was actually commanding real battles actually fighting against the Buggers.
This book connects to Scott Russell Sanders Essay because one of his 10 points is stories help us see through the eyes of other people. In the book people are constantly monitoring Ender.
Connection to Scott Russell Sander's essay part 2
One of the other point that was made in the essay that was also in the book was stories help us dwell in time. The entire book takes place approximately in the year 2135 so the book is basically giving a glimpse of a possible future for our world.
Analysis of the text
Character, in this section for the it shows how he uses his mind and intellect to out smart and beat his opposition easily. He was nervous and becuase of this battle he gained confidence.
Setting, it mentions the battle school where they currently are. It is also where a majority of the book takes place.
This concludes our presentation about the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
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