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Hello, my name is Adam, and I have schizophrenia

No description

sean ryan

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Hello, my name is Adam, and I have schizophrenia

My name is Adam
I have been diagnosed
with Schizophrenia

This disease affects roughly 1% of the population

It is a very complex disease with many symptoms

There is no known cause nor cure, only therapy and drugs

There is a wide spectrum for the severity of this disease
Some people think we are dangerous and hear voices that tell us to harm people

While sometimes this happens, it is actually much less often than people believe.

However, most victims experience negative symptoms, like depressive actions and thought

This means I lack emotion, have low energy, experience social isolation, and have minimal speech

If I do hear voices, it's often attacking myself
Calling me stupid and useless etc.

Thousands of Homeless People Struggle with Mental Disorders
Nearly one-third of all Homeless people have a mental disorder

That is roughly 250,000 people

These poor people are not receiving the proper help they need
You May Know Someone Like Me
This disease affects one in every 100 people

You may have an Uncle, Aunt, sibling, cousin, or family friend suffering just like me

Please, try to help them

The smallest gestures may make waves for someone like me
You can donate time or money to several organizations such as:
Camp Fatima ( A non-profit camp for children and adults with developmental disabilities.)
Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
There are more ways for you to help
Do not give unnecessary advice or “pep talks” as these can be easily misinterpreted and offend me
Be patient with me
Treat me with kindness and be friendly to me
Luckily, I have Loved Ones who Help Me

They help me live as normal a life as possible
They take me to therapy
And they ensure I take my antipsychotic drugs
Like Clozaril, Abilify, and Geodon
I am able to hold a job at a local grocery store, and I am taking courses at the local community college
This disease will be a lifelong battle,
and I cannot do it alone
If someone close to you has this disease, there are simple ways you can help them, and it may mean a lot to them

Do not focus on the cause of the disease, focus on solutions and what you can do to help them with symptoms

Do not focus on the cause of the disease, focus on solutions and what you can do to help them with symptoms

Do not facilitate stigmas. In other words, do not ignore their goals because they seem impossible according to social opinion
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