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Teaching Strategy: Call and Response

Explaing the strategy of call and response from the book Teach like a Champion

Jennifer Hegberg

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Teaching Strategy: Call and Response

Call & Response By Jennifer Hegberg
CSE 623 Call and Response is a group
coral response. You ask and they answer in unison. There are five Levels of
Call & Response Types of In-cues Count Based Group Prompt Nonverbal Gestures "Ready, set..." or "One, two..." "Everybody!" and "Class" A point, hand dropped,
looping motion with finger, a snap Review This asks students to review answers or information from earlier in the class or unit. Report Students who have ALREADY completed problems or questions on their own are asked to report back Reinforce You reinforce new information or a strong answer by asking the class to repeat it. Repeat Students repeat what their
teacher has said Purpose Build a culture of energetic, positive engagement High Energy that is fun! Feels like being part
of a cheering crowd Academic review and reinforcement Everyone
gets to
give an answer What can it accomplish? Behavioral Reinforcement Students respond to a prompt as a group,
exactly on cue, over and over again. and it makes this kind
of an on-cue compliance public "On three, tell me your
answer to problem three" "Class, today we are going to learn about the human body. So class, what are we learning about today?" "What place did Christopher Columbus sail to first? What was the second place?" Solve The teacher asks students to
solve a problem and call out
the answer in unison "Class, 8 x 3 equals what?" To be effective it needs to be universal That means All students should respond! "Everybody say: Today is Friday, March 16th." Lemov, Doug. Teach Like a Chapmion 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2010. Print. What does this look like in action?
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