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Jade Green

No description

Teghyn b

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Jade Green

by:Phyllis Naylor

In the book Jade Green, the climax of the story occurs when Judith and the cook get locked in the cellar by a ghostly hand of Jade Green. As they are sitting in the cellar Judith told the cook they she had brought something green in the house and that is why the hand was in the house and that it was all her fault. The cook forgave her and then told Judith to stay still and be quiet so the ghost wouldn't know they were in the cellar. Just as they were staying still and be very quiet they hear Charles, Judith's cousin, saying " oh they went for a walk oh they will come home to a big surprise!" Charles didn't know that the cook and Judith were in the house at all! Judith and the cook both knew that Charles was all behind this.They both agreed that Charles was being very weird and scary and that he was the one who killed Jade Green and now he is trying to kill them!
Rising Action
Judith loves living in her uncle's big mansion with all his servants the only thing is that she isn't suppose to have anything
but why? Judith had disobeyed the rules and put a picture of her mother who passed away in a
frame! As time went on, she heard from her friend Victoria of a story about a girl named Jade
. Jade
worked for Judith's uncle around three years ago and was around her age. Jade seemed like a happy girl until she committed suicide - in Judith's uncles mansion! Judith decides to do some searching and stumbles upon a hidden attic in the mansion. She then goes in the attic and find the gory crime scene. Judith decides to never go back in the attic. She asked her uncle's cook about Jade
and discovered what she heard was true. Jade had been living there and died there. Judith then becomes friends with a boy named Zeke. Zeke tells her to not worry about ghosts and warns her to be wary of her cousin, Charles. Judith always thought it was strange that Charles would randomly appear at the mansion. She was uncomfortable around him but was never scared of him. Until one day Judith gave Zeke a gift and Charles grabbed her and started to squeeze her! Charles yelled at Judith until Zeke saved the day and told Charles to back off!
The story takes place in the summer of the 1800's. The main character, Judith Sparrow, is living in a town full of gossip. She is 15 years old and just wants to fit in. Judith is very talkative, adventurous and brave. She travels from Ohio to the Town of Whispers in South Carolina, to live with her Uncle in his manision.
The theme of the story is that friendship is important. For example, if Judith never became friends with Victoria, Zeke or the cook. Judith never would had learned about Jade Green, been suspicious about her cousin Charles and wouldn't have been saved.
The author in my book foreshadows that Charles is a bad charter and at the end he will do something bad to Judith. For example Zeke warned Judith to watch out for her cousin Charles. Then that day as Judith goes to bed she feels like Charles is in her room. It seems like Charles is always behind Judith the author hints that Charles is up to something. Judith is always frightened about her cousin Charles. These are examples in my book of foreshadowing.
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