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Theater in the 1920's!

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Kimberely Moran

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Theater in the 1920's!

By: Kimberely Moran Theater in the 1920's! BROADWAY! Broadway has always been affected by the world around it! Well then, what's happening? Theater during this time was affected by everything from World War I to Prohibition. A lot of productions addressed the materialistic attitude of the time. There's more to "Acting" than "DistrACTING" Once World War I began, theaters got involved for the first time by holding charity functions to help with the war effort. Wow! Tell me more! Another major change to Broadway during this time was the introduction of African Americans to the Broadway stage You Mean it wasn't always desegregated?? Nope, before the 1920's, "black theater" existed outside of "white theater". If a play called for a black character, they would be portrayed by a white character in "blackface". The New Theater Until this time, America had never had a national theater but the money big shots of the time such as Vanderbilt, and Morgan, and Whitney all allocated money towards The New Theater on Central Park West. Business was BOOMING! The number of productions increased from 126 in 1917 to 264 in 1928 which is STILL the all time peak for Broadway production! So what made the New Theater so special?? The New Theater was built with the latest innovations: a revolving stage, huge backstage spaces for dressing rooms, and the flies were controlled by a lead-shot counterweight system. It was designed for any form of theatrical production from drama to opera. Hey what's that thing on the roof of it? On the roof was a second theater, originally used for rehearsal space, but conceived and designed as a second full performance space. It also had the worst acoustics of any theater in New York. Remodeling the interior didn't help. Actors and patrons alike soon shunned it. But Kim! What were some plays during the 1920s?! Some titles of productions were:
The Butterflies Evil Spell
The Outside
Summer of the Aliens
Tons of Money
The Great God Brown
Journey's End
The Man Who Changed His Name The End!!!!
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