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NOTES FROM THE DOG take place during Finn's summer vacation

No description

Armando Castillo

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of NOTES FROM THE DOG take place during Finn's summer vacation

NOTES FROM THE DOG take place during Finn's summer vacation. I liked the setting because it helps the reader learn thing about Finn.
Finn is a 15 year old guy that lives with his dad.Finn's only has two friends Matthew, and Dylan. He doesn't like to talk to other people that are not his friend.He likes to read book on his door steps. Finn actually changes for Johanna, because he doesn't like to do thing during the summer. Johanna manage to make hem do thing during the summer.

Matthew is Finn's best and only human friend. He lives with Finn, They are actually like brothers because he helps Finn during the summer.

Dylan is Finn's dog. Finn has a strong human to dog relation with Dylan.

Johanna is graduate student in her twenties. She also has breast cancer. Shes the one that helps Finn the most.
The character I liked the most was Finn and Johanna. Finn was a dynamic character becouse he change alot during the summer. Johanna helped hem that why i also like her character. Finn helped Johanna when she got the flu. Johanna was doing things that would help Finn. Like that time she help hem go in a date with Karla. Finn was also helping Johanna with a fund-raiser for cancer research.
The story begging at Finn's front porch. He was reading a book, Matthew was listening to his ear buds, eyes closed, half-humming, half-singing the good part of the song. Dylan was asleep on the ground, snoring and twitching. Then a young women around twenty years old stated to talk to Finn and Matthew. She was Finn's neighbor Johanna. She got Finn to work no his garden during the summer. Then she gets the flu Finn and Matthew helps her. She tells then that shes doing a fund-raiser for breast cancer.
The Mid part of the story is when They already find out that Johanna was doing a fund-raiser to help research breast cancer. Then Finn and Matthew are going to help Johanna Fund $10,000 dollars. They do help Johanna but they only had during the summer. They when to were Matthew Job. The man from the construction site helped them alot. Finn was also working on the backyard using alot of fertilizer with water. He had mud all over the backyard.
The last part of the story. Johanna helped Finn with the girl he liked Karla. Johanna asked Karla on a date with Finn. They were going to go to a concert at the park. Finn was not ready to have a date with the girl he liked. Matthew helped hem look attractive for Karla. Johanna was telling hem how to make conversation. The date with Karla was good Karla liked Finn they had fun. Then Finn and Matthew got on a fight. Johanna stopped talking to Finn and Matthew. Instead she game Dylan not so he could give them to Finn.
The main problem on this book was that Finn didn't like to do thing during the summer beside reading books. That Finn could not talk to people without getting nervous. That Finn was nervous all the time the didn't like to make new friend.
This book teaches that by helping other people i will be helping my self. That fund-raiser for research are good thing like breast cancer are good.
I think the story is about friends who sacrifice and do thing they do not like to do for there friend. Because Finn didn't like to do active thing and do thing with other people. He did thing he didn't like to do for Johanna.
I really liked did story because it had a good setting for the thing the character had to do. Most of character were dynamic because they all change and help each other.
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