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chef!! speech project

Being a chef is more than just cooking food, it is creating art that should be savored.

zohair charania

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of chef!! speech project

Chef Education/ Skills Technology By: Zohair Iqbal Charania Coach Cone Speech!!:D Description A chef is a profession that deals with cullinary arts. Your job as a chef is to make sure everyone will enjoy their food by its smell, taste, and how it looks. Requirements Promotions Related Jobs Salary Job Opportunities Schooling You can become a chef with just a highschool diploma. But if you wish to become more successful you are highly recomended to take 2+ years for a Associate for Applied Science Degree. With that you can either work in bigger and better areas or spend an extra 2+ years for a Batchelors. Being a chef requires alot of practice and time, it also requires alot of skills like: Motivation Imagination Confidence Communication Multitask Now-a-days chefs use computers for everyday things like; Changing recipes, Menu planning, Ordering ingredients through the internet, or Recieving food orders from waiters and waitresses. There are really no job promotions in the culinary buisness other than being promoted to a head chef, or even a restaurant owner. But there are different categories of cooking that you can take such as: To be a chef there are many things you need such as: Endurance Speed Patience Fish chef creates fish dishes with suitable sauces and carves the fish

Roast chefs bakes, braises, and broils meat with their particular sauces
The grill chefs cook all the food on a griddle Pastry chefs create baked goods, pastries, and deserts And many more.. There are many different jobs that can be related to being a chef, here are some examples: Baker Butcher Bartender Cafe Manager Caterer Fast food manager Food and Beverage manager And many more.. There are different pays for different rolls within the restaurant; for head chefs you are able to earn around 40,000$ and more, sous-chefs make around 60,000$ to 80,000$ and any regular chef can earn from 30,000$ and more depending on your location. There are many different job opportunities for chefs because people need to eat and there will sometimes be people who are too busy or unable to cook for themself so they go out to eat at a restaurant. Another reason why being a chef has alot of opportunities is because there is a high growth in businesses and areas that are in need for people who know how to cook. Thank you for watching. :)
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