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Nestor S.I.

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Etiquette

What Is Etiquette &
How Do We Use It?
The Basics
Good Topics for Email
Why is Email Etiquette Important?
Elements of Email Etiquette
Definition: et·i·quette

1. the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
The Basics (cont.)
Good topics for email
Bad topics for email
People interact more and more with the written word
With large impersonal lectures, it becomes harder to discuss questions or problems with teachers
When emailing a teacher, ALWAYS include your
full name, class period or division
Include your class and what the email is specifically regarding in the subject (keep it short)
Think twice about whether or not the content of your email is appropriate for virtual correspondence- once you hit Send, anyone might be able to read it
Keep the email brief
Respond to emails within 24 hours
Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors before clicking Send
Use a professional font, not decorative; Times new Roman, 12 point font
You should email your teacher if:
You have an easy question that can be answered
You have an assignment that you are allowed to submit via email
Write in a positive tone
I complete the assignment versus
I complete the assignment
Do not
use smile, winks and other graphical symbols/emoticons
Use contractions to add friendly tone
What Are the Different Forms of Etiquette?
(before you send)
Avoid using negative words
Be aware of your surroundings before you answer your phone. Are you somewhere quiet that you can talk? Is there a lot of background noise? Are you in a place that makes you feel calm? If the answer is no, you may want to consider letting the call go to voice mail and returning it when you are somewhere quiet and you're more focused. (if this is the first time you're speaking with this individual you need to make a good impression.)

Answer the phone with a professional greeting, such as "Hello, this is [your name.]"

Telephone Etiquette
Do you have music playing on your personal voicemail? Is there static or background noise in your message? Or you have not bothered to record a personalize message yet?
Bad Topics for Email
When you are sending attachments, include in the email the filename, what format it is in, and the version of the program
Attached: Project3proposal.docw This file is in Microsoft Word 2007
Consider sending files in or portable document format (PDF)
You should briefly state the history of the problem to provide context for the problem
Explain the attempts you made previously to resolve the problem
Show why it is critical for the problem to be resolved by your reader
Offer suggestions on ways you think it can be resolved or how you are willing to help in the matter
Dr. Lambert:

The review that we had the period before the final was not accurate. As a result, the grades we received could have been incorrect. The T.A.s who led the review gave incorrect information. I would like to suggest that you ask students who were at the review which information the T.A.s gave incorrectly and account for those errors in our grades. There have been a number of complaints from fellow classmates who feel the same way. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.
There are some rules that are best to follow, such as:
Don't try to turn in an assignment through email if your teacher has specified against it
If you have to get an extension for an assignment, do it in person
Don't bring up any topic that will require continuous conversation
There is a good chance for misunderstanding, it's best to talk face-to-face
Email Address
Your email address should be appropriate firstname.last@Etiquette.com
How To Leave Voicemails
Dressing Etiquette
Women Men
Do Do Not
State your name
Keep it brief and straight to the point
Leave behind contact information to return call
Ramble on for hours
Start speaking to someone offline
Button up, blouse (white, black, blue)
Knee length skirt
Black shoes; make sure shoes match bag
Shoes- Flats or thick heels less than 3 inches
*safest colors to wear are dark blue, black, and white
Button down shirt
Black polished shoes
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