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The Psychoanalysis

No description

Natalie Wolf

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of The Psychoanalysis

The Psychoanalysis of
Finding Nemo

Something Smells Fishy
Finding Nemo is not your ordinary children's movie.
Life is not just fish and chips
The story of Finding Nemo, like most Disney and Pixar movies, has a tragedy that the main characters must over come.
The story begins with Marlin and his wife, two clown fish, in their anemone with their fish eggs. A fish, much larger than the two clown fish eats Marlin's wife and all the eggs, except for one.
The End
This caused physiological damage to Marlin. He very much lives his life in fear and becomes an overprotective parent towards Nemo, the one egg left.
Nemo's Weak Fin
Nemo has a weak fin from when he was injured in the egg. This causes Marlin to be extremely protective and worried about Nemo.
After the tragic event, Marlin shows signs of repression of trying to rid himself of the memory. Marlin seems to be sublimating his repression to completely focus on Nemo and his safety.
In many children's movies, we find the adolescent characters learning valuable lessons.
In the case of Finding Nemo, although Nemo does learn to never toach the "butt" of the boat we see a greater lesson being learned by his father, Marlin.
Any fin is possible if you don't trout yourself...
Unlike most adolescent characters who act up behind their parents in movies, Nemo deliberately acts up right in front of Marlin. This is a bold move for the writers to show a child acting with such defiance while under his father's watch.
If you can think of a fish pun title, let minnow
There is a definite since of imprisonment throughout the whole movie.
Examples of Imprisonment:
Nemo is trapped by his father and his father being uneasy to let Nemo start school in the beginning of the story. Marlin rather have Nemo stay in the sea anemone then explore the sea.
Nemo becomes trapped by the scuba diver and eventually in the fish tank he is taken to.
Marlin and Dory become trapped in a whale's mouth.
Nemo gets trapped in the fish tank filter.
Dory becomes trapped in a fish net.
Super Bass
Although Marlin is seen as an over protective father and fearful of the world, he is a symbol of strength.
Marlin is a single parent who searches the whole ocean to find his son. That reveals his true strength.
Nemo's Fin is a physical impairment.
From the 2010 census: "Of 53.9 million school-aged children (aged 5 to 17) in the U.S. civilization non-institutionalized population, about 2.8 million (5.2 percent) were reported to have a disability in 2010."
Nemo helped to provide a heroic character who related to all of these children.
A major theme for Finding Nemo is that no matter the circumstances, find the positives in life and work them to your advantage.
Wait did I forget someone?
Dory represents a mentor character.
Finding Nemo
She helps Marlin throughout his journey to find his son, Nemo. "Nemo? ...that's a nice name!"
Dory helps to shape Marlin's character to live a little. She helps him fear less and allow Nemo more freedom.
Gill represents a mentor character.
Gill helps guide and protect Nemo while away from his father. He also serves as the leader to help Nemo and the rest of the fish tank escape.
Finding Nemo came out in 2003. In the 2000 Census, it was recorded that there were 9,357,000 single parent households in the United States alone.
The sense of imprisonment helps to portray the overall main theme in Finding Nemo.
The best example of this:
Nemo uses his disability of his small fin to help everyone escape from the fish tank.
There are also many friendly characters in Finding Nemo that help Marlin reassure his trust in society after the death of his family.
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