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Project Kickoff - OSU Kennedy Commons


Ben Lawrence

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Project Kickoff - OSU Kennedy Commons

IntroductIons For four winds interactive project manager: Ben Lawrence signage architect: Rik Holt network engineer: Dean Dunlap trainer: Rik Holt/Ben Lawrence For Park University: project manager: Dan Nussbaum I.T. and networking: TBD creative/marketing: Kristen Puldemann PROJECT SCOPE System Architecture next steps: Design PROJECT TIMELINE next steps: Infrastructure I.T. Readiness Call SIGNAGE REVIEW Call h a r d w a r e i n s t a l l a t i o n project close-out February 2011 content manager content player database
content repository XML or MS SQL Things to start getting ready:
Branding guidelines
Logos in vector format (high res)
Connection to Live Data
Other assets? Images, videos? Training Before August 1. 2011 TBD Initial IT Conference Call
Details about your environment: the IT Worksheet
Status and timeline for hardware installation
The Pre-Install Checklist
Remote access Signage Architecture Any other input
or guidance you
want to provide! End users: TBD Network/Infrastructure Preparation Software installation
Database creation What's a "template?" a template is the skin of your sign Content is queued and scheduled within "regions" Project Kickoff Date TBD OSU - Kennedy Commons Transition to Client Service Advocate and FWi Support Team Content Manager Training
Review of planned content
Setup and Revisions Final Includes: Building Site License
- Up to 3 Content Manager Licenses
- Unlimited Content Player Licenses
- 5 52" NEC Displays (P-521)
- 5 NOW Micro Player PCs
- 5 Swivel Mounts
- Onsite Installation and Training TBD
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