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The 100 by Kass Morgan

No description

Elena h

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of The 100 by Kass Morgan


The Ark, a combination of all of the space crafts orbiting Earth at the time of the apocalypse and the refuges that managed to make it to safety.
Earth, somewhere in North America
Characters/ Narrators
Glass, only narrator still on The Ark
almost 18 years old
Both parents were floated for treason
Training to become a Doctor, before she was Confined (put in jail) for assisting her parents in treason
was supposed to be floated (executed) on her 18th birthday
Very big grudge keeper, but a survivor
20 years old
Mother committed suicide after cracking under the pressure of keeping her second child, Octavia, a secret for years
Shot the Chancellor to get on the drop ship to earth
Develops a friendship with Clarke that is slightly romantic
17 years old
Wells best friend since childhood
Confined for having a kid without getting permission from the Council
In love with Luke
Fights her way off the drop ship to be with Luke
Father left them for another women
Takes care of her shallow and dependent mother

Same age as Clarke
Mother died from illness
Son of the Chancellor of The Ark
Romantic attachment to Clarke before her parents were floated (which she blames him for)
Chief of the guard before he got confined on purpose to be sent with Clarke to Earth
Spends whole time on Earth trying to protect Clarke and make her forgive him
The 100
by Kass Morgan

Time: the future; 3 generations after a nuclear apocalypse
Clarke struggling to forgive herself and Wells
Wells struggling to lead and make the hard choices
Bellamy struggling to trust anyone
Glass struggling to forgive and love her mother
Man vs. Society:
Glass struggling to be with Luke even though there society forbids it

Man vs. Nature
: The 100 juvenile prisoners sent to survive on what feels like an alien planet
Man vs. Self:
Man vs. Man:
The 100 against the Earthborns
The Council decides to send 100 juvenile prisoner to the ground to see if it is survivable
Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells make it to the ground
Glass makes it off the drop ship and finds Luke to try to explain why she was confined
Rising Action
Wells tries to take charge of the group and keep everyone alive and feed
Clarke's only friend Thalia dies in a mysteries fire
Octavia is taken by unknown forces
Glass risks everything to be with Luke who proposes out of the blue
A part of the Ark is cut because of a breach, trapping Luke and Glass on the other side to die
The 100's camp is attacked by other humans (Earthborns)
Clarke and Bellamy realize that they are not the only humans on Earth while out looking for Octavia
Plot Diagram

Kass Morgan
Lives in Brooklyn
The 100 was her first book published
Sequel, Day 21, released in September
third book in The 100 series doesn't have a name yet but is on its way
TV show made from book
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