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Marc L. and Nathan N.

Marc LaPlante and Nathan Newport

audie skweres

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Marc L. and Nathan N.

1938 Night of Broken Glass Lower german officer, Ernst vom Rath, shot by jew, Herschel Grynszpan! Hitler learns of the mans death. Stormtroopers dressed
as civillians burn the
synagogues in almost
EVERY german city. Then they begin to destroy
all jewish property. Once it was all gone, they beat up the jews themselves. One boy was thrown out of
a 3 story window to land on
the streets littered with
burning beds and other various
objects. Some german leaders took
advantage of this even though they didnt like it. Herman Göring, the economic leader, seized all Jewish insurance money to jumpstart the new german economy. Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, arrested more than 30,000 jews and sent them to concentration camps. This gave his purification plan a huge boost.
They were offered to buy freedom and passage out of Poland/Germany. Only few could afford it since Göring
seized their insurance money. The death of this one, low-ranking man
leads to.... http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/kristallnacht.html
by Marc LaPlante and Nathan Newport
5th Period This is similar to General Sherman's
civil war tactic "Total Warfare".
In both, the armies destroyed all
enemy property in sight with no mercy. All pictures are from
www.wikipedia.org and
www.ushmm.org Song is Seize the Day
by Avenged Sevenfold THE END
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