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yunhoo seung

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of travel

several things that you have to know before hitting the road! Precaution 1. bad guys 2. get lost you'd better bring:
phone! map!
guide book! Let's Travel! 3. language write down simple phrases you can use in the country you would travel! 4. gesture you have to be careful about the gesture you are using! 5. F words INAPPROPRIATE
IN WHOLE WORLD DO NOT USE IT Taiwan South Korea What do we most like to eat in Quebec Food POUTINE
The poutine is the most typical meal in Quebec. It is made of french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. CHINESE PIE
The chinese pie is made with meat, corn and mashed potatoes. Really good with ketchup! QUEBEC! MAPLE SYRUP
Made in quebec because of the maple trees, very popular and often eaten. In Quebec, seasons differ a lot one from each others. Weather SUMMER
Hot weather, similar to Taiwan. FALL
Trees’ leaves switch their green color to red, yellow and orange before they fall for winter. WINTER
Very cold with a lot of snow. SPRING
All flowers come out for summer. Sports ICE HOCKEY
Hockey is very important for Quebecers. Montreal Canadiens is the most famous team in Quebec. Winter sports such as ice skating and skiing are very popular in Quebec. The province is famous for his festivals. Festivals QUEBEC CARNIVAL
The Quebec Carnival is the biggest winter carnival in the world. Bok-Day Dong-Ji-Day Food bubble mike tea- also known as pearl tea. It was invented in Taichung fried chicken- chopped into bite-sized pieces, marinated, dipped in batter and deep-fried Attractions Basic Information Area : 36,000 square kilometers
Population : 23 million
Capital: Taipei Yang Min Shan
National Park Kenting National Park Sun Moon
Lake The province welcomes a lot of festivals such as Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs Festival. Main Places Ondol Insa-dong Places where you should visit in Quebec. Crushed Ice Dessert- sprinkle with sugar water, offering sweet and cool relief on a hot summer day. French The french language is the basis of our culture and part of our history. Difference between Quebec City/Province Attractions hanbok Food QUEBEC CITY
Known as the capital of the province. The Chateau Frontenac is very famous. MONTREAL
Biggest french city in the world, after Paris. MONT-TREMBLANT
Famous for the colored montains, ski and beautiful nature. London Bridge Instanbul Berlin Petronas Twins Tower Riviera Maya Coral Reef Expectations 1.Memories
3.Practice language
4.new experiments Eiffel Tower Statue of Liberty Great Wall of China Venice Madrid -"Quebec". wikipedia.org. June 2012, 10/05. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec
-"Top 10 must see sights in London", noambit.com. January 2011. 10/05. http://www.noambit.com/2011/01/must-see-sights-london/
-"Mexico's Attraction", gomexico.com. 10/05. http://gomexico.about.com/od/planningandinformation/ss/attractions_7.htm
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