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Anime Club

LHS Anime Club! ^_^

Shada Sallie

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Anime Club

Rules and Polices
Conduct and expectations
Members are expected to be involved and engaged in club activities
The club does not want people who just want to "Hang out" and do nothing.
Members are expected to show respect to the club president, vice president, officers, -especially- the advisor and the club room
Stealing is FORBIDDEN once caught you're out of the club forever!
Please do not act like animals (jumping off chairs, tables, walls..etc)

1. Respect
the speaker
other members
Officers and -especially - the advisor
1.5. No stealing!!
2. No side conversations.
3. What happens in Anime Club should stay in Anime Club.
4. Raise your hand if you have a question.
5. Refrain from cursing/swearing.
6. No horse play, running or yelling
7. Refrain from disruptive entrances and exits
8. Keep discussions appropriate (PG-13)
9. Personal displays of affection are unacceptable.
10. No hentai, yuri, or echi!
Thank you!
Respectful terms
Proposed Club Activities
Make "Anime Club" Banner
Club t-shirts..etc.
Read/watch/disscuse the latest anime
Draw anime/manga
Cosplay and conventions
Fanime and Cosplay workshops
Japanese language lessons
A Club Newsletter
Fundraising - for special events
Valentine Chocolates
Movie Night Fridays
Conventions - Katsucon 19 and Otakon
Monthly trips - skating, bowling, karaoke, Lazertag, go carts ...etc
End of the year party at a Japanese restaurant
Go to Japan
Special Events
The purpose of this club is to increase the knowledge of Japanese and Korean entertainment, culture and language.
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