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Louis Sachar

All about the author and how he got to where he is now.

Ally Williams

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Louis Sachar

He then moved to Tuscan, California. Louis Sachar was born in East Meadow, New York on March 20, 1954. He lived there until he was in the third grade. He considered himself a very good student growing up. He enjoyed school very much. Louis Sachar didn't consider himself an avid reader though until he went into highschool. He graduated high school then went onto Antioch College in Ohio. His father passed away during his first semester and he returned home to his mother. Louis Sachar By: Ally Williams He returned to college at the University of California at Berkeley where he was majoring in Economics. While he was there a very life changing thing happened. Sachar saw a little elementary school girl passing out fliers and went to go grab one. The flier stated that they needed teachers aides at the school she attended, and whoever volunteered would get 3 college credits. So, Sachar decided to do it, and realized he really loved children and in particular was interested in children's literature. When he graduated in 1976, he decided to write a children's book which eventually became Sideways Stories From Wayside School. Every character in the book represented a child he knew while he was working at Hillside Elementary. Sachar wrote the book in the evenings, and worked at a sweater factory during the daytime. He eventually got fired from that job, and decided to go to law school He graduated Law School in 1980 and began doing part-time legal work. But, he continued to write children's books. In 1989, his books began to sell so well that he was able to stop practicing law and devote all of his time into writing. A very neat aspect that I personally love about Sachar that correlates to him writing books is.... He NEVER mentions a book to anyone while he is in the process of writing it, not even his own wife, Carla. Carla, is a counselor at a school, and is his inspiration to the counselor in his book "There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom" There's A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom Holes Small Steps Sideways Stories From Wayside School The Boy Who Lost His Face Someday Angeline Johnny's in the Basement Dog's Don't Tell Jokes Sixth Grade Secrets Many, many more....... The Boy Who Lost His Face This book is about a boy named David who had the same best friend since second grade. But when Scott, his life-long best friend became friends with Randy and Roger, David wanted to try and fit in with the “cool crew” as well. The boys went to an old lady’s house that they believed was also a witch and stole her cane, knocked her out of her chair, broke her window, and poured lemonade all over her face. But this wasn’t of David’s morals; he knew he was better than that, so he decided to get new friends and to forget about Scott and the rest. But when David believed the old witch put him under a spell, all sorts of weird things started to occur to David, all while trying to impress the girl of his dreams, Mrs. Williams. This book is very cute, very enticing, and sure to keep everyone guessing. This would be a good book for reading comprehension, or just to have on the shelves. Louis Sachar is an amazing author and he wrote straight to the heart of a middle schooler. I Would Use This In My Own Classroom Because... In this book, the main character, Bradley, is such a rotted kid in the beginning. He’s lost just about every privilege by all of his teachers, nobody wants to be his friend, and his teacher Mrs. Ebbel won’t give him any gold stars. His parents is unaware of this, they believe he is a good student because that is what he tells him and he rips up all reports the teacher tries to send home. But when his school gets a new counselor, Mrs. Ebbel is able to reach out to Bradley’s mom and get him to start seeing the counselor, Mrs. Davis or Carla as the kids call her. Carla influenced so many great changes on Bradley, it just took someone to really care about him. By the end of the book, Bradley is doing his homework again; he’s making friends and even got invited to a girls birthday party! There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom •It has short chapters, keeping the children engaged

•Teaches lessons on bullying and how everyone needs to have a friend, which is a very important lesson to all middle school students. I Would Use This In The Classroom Because... Louis Sachar. (2002). Louis Sachar: Author Bio. In . Retrieved 09/18/2012, from http://www.louissachar.com/Bio.htm . (2006). Louis Sachar: Biography. In Scholastic. Retrieved 09/22/2012, from http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/contributor/louis-sachar. Louis Sachar. (2002). Author Booklist. In Louis Sachar. Retrieved 09/22/2012, from http://louissachar.com/Booklist.htm. Once Stanley Yelnats is accused of stealing a pair of shoes the judge tells him he can either go to jail or go to Camp Green Lake. He chooses the latter, and while he is there the warden makes the boys dig holes all day long in the scorching heat in order to "build character". But it doesn't take long for Stanley to realize that the Warden is actually making them dig holes because she is looking for the lost buried treasure of outlaw, Kissing Kate Barlow. Holes It's an incredible book, and it would be unfortunate not to include it. Mostly everyone has read the book, or seen the movie and are intrigued with it. I Would Use this In The Classroom Because... In 1998, Holes won the U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature. Holes won the 1999 Newbery Medal for the years "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children." The Cardturner The Cardturner
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