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Globalisation #2

No description

Karin Biese

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalisation #2

Globalisations effects on culture Definition: Globalisation Definition: Culture What is my culture? Where I am from: Finland
People: Finns are quiet,
Traditions: Use of Sauna, spending weekends at a summerplace, skiing in the winter
Nature: We have four seasons in the year. Every seson brings it owns celebrations and happenings. The nature is very important to us Finns.
Finland as a country: 5,5 million people, High education and healthcare...

Examples of Globalisation on culture What is a culture? "Set of shared values, ideas & traditions that link a group together" " Culture is shared and learned. It is a system of values, beliefs and attitudes that shape and influence percpetion and behavior." Factors that build up a culture:
traditional activities
arts; music, dance, drama
thoughts and behaviour
fashion "It is an ongoing process where economic trade, societies and cultures work together as a global network of communication & trade." Factors that build up globalisation:
Global television
Multinational companies
Transportation changes
Openess of global trade
Free movement of people Global Television AFFECT ON THE FINNISH traditions (calender year) The global tv provides us with movies and tv shows from around the world. Specially American movies have brought new traditions to Finland Valentines day and Halloween are new traditions celebrated in Finalnd due to the effect of global TV. Internet Effect on Language Through the Internet the English has become more commonly used. Learning of English is started at an younger age in school. Youtube and Wikipedia, Google are originally English softwares that have effect the use of English language in the daily life of an Finn. multinational companies effect on fashion Multinational clothing compaies are spread all over the world. In Finland one of teh biggest multinational companies are H&M, which is one of the biggest clothing line in Finland at the moment. People also buy a lot more clothes from H&M these days, as it is cheap (because the clothes are produced in developed nations). free movement of people effect on Food culture As people travel more, they bring home the food traditions they learned overseas.
people want to be able to eat food from all over the world.
People want to be able to eat food from all over the worls. The Finnish food is inspired from all over teh world. These days people wnat to eat for e.g. SUSHI, CHINESE FOOD, AMERICAN... http://www.esseet.net/arkisto/php?tiedosto=246 http://www.city.fi/artikkeli/Hyv%E4+paha+muoti/590/ http://www.city.fi/artikkeli/Muodin+portinvartijat/3168 Global education a countys wealth effect on The contarts between rich and poor people becomes bigger. People with higher education,are not as likely to stay in their poor country, this leads to brain drain.
This has cost the African continent $4.1 billion and India $ 10 billion annually. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globalization
Refrence: Mom http://www.sanomalehdet.fi/files/30/globalisaatio. pdf Figure n. 1 refrence: Wikipedia(2010) http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/playlist/money%large.jpg
refrence: Esseet(2010) refrence: Sanomalehdet(2010) Summary How does my research illustrate the idea of interconnectedness? The people in the world have a connection to each other, without realizing it.
Globalisation has affected us all, in different ways, some of them good others bad.
What happens in one part of the world, affetc us as everything is connected to each other.
thank you for watching
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