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Prezi VS Powerpoint

In this Prezi I will be comparing Prezi and Powerpoint to one another. I will determine which one is easier to use.

gster 3636

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Prezi VS Powerpoint

Prezi VS PowerPoint Which is more user friendly? There are many factors that make a computer program user friendly. For example, I find Prezi easier to use, but it is limited to what it can do compared to PowerPoint. But even though PowerPoint is harder to use, there are several tutorials to guide you through it, whereas Prezi only has more limited intro tutorials. I think Prezi is more attractive because it can be made exactly how you would like, and in a way it's more free. But PowerPoint can also be customized to how you would like. Main Features of PowerPoint and Prezi Features of Prezi:
Several template
A new Zebra (editing cursor)
Ability to add videos anywhere in the Prezi
To make your own path
Saved on the internet so you can access it even if you forget to e-mail it to yourself or put it on a USB key.
Drag and Drop ability to add pictures and other things in the Prezi Features of PowerPoint:
Ability to pick out one single thing to edit
Ability to edit everything at once with Master Slide
Easily at graphs and charts
To connect with excel to make these charts and graphs
Easier to write where you want, and how you want. Prezi
Advantages: The ability to have any picture on the internet uploaded onto your presentation can make a better visual aide then PowerPoint can Adding any shape in and colour the way you want can be very useful, but you could also do that with PowerPoint. Adding different themes can make your presentation much more attractive. Though PowerPoint can also do this, there are quite a lot fewer options. The "zebra" that controls basically how the whole presentation looks is much more original that just having a mouse to click with. PowerPoint
Advantages: Though clip art is not the most reliable tool to get pictures, with PowerPoint you could also get any picture from the internet with a simple copy paste. With Prezi you have to use the click and drop system to get pictures. As I have previously said the Master Slide system is very useful. PowerPoint has auto correct whereas Prezi does not Since Prezi has been updated the since yesterday the system to add slides is easier on PowerPoint. The ability to perfectly line up any text with any picture is useful. Conclusion: Both systems have their merits when it comes to making a presentation. Ever since Prezi had an update, i feel more inclined that PowerPoint is more professional. Prezi is still fun to use and in a way more free, but PowerPoint seems almost easier to create a neat and organized presentation. In a way they are very similar though. They can both take pictures, have diagrams and basic things like that. But if i had to chose one to make a presentation on after thoroughly using both, i would have to use PowerPoint. Prezi is on the internet and is free, making it a cheaper and less complicated tool if you forgot your USB key. PowerPoint does cost, but with most computers it comes already installed so that should not be a problem. Still I have, as well as other, once in a while forgotten my USB key or to email the presentation to myself making having Prezi on the Internet very useful.
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