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Mundane Cosmopolitanism & Mobility

No description

Allison Toth

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Mundane Cosmopolitanism & Mobility

Nayar Packaging Life: Ch. 4
Mundane Cosmopolitanism & Mobility "Cosmopolitanism is increasingly the mobility of products in our everyday lives" (181) With mundane cosmpolitanisms, people are able to enjoy products, foods, clothing from around the world "'Mundane cosmopolitanism' is about mobility because it extends our consumer and cluture reach" (182) With these type of materials at reach from our own home
the territory of the shopping mall walls has been broken down
We are "consumer citizens of the world" (182) "'Mundane cosmopolitanism' is a flamourized, packaged mobility of symbolic and cultural forms that masks more devious, insidious and unsettling mobilities of global capital" (184)
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