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Copy of Churches of Morristown

No description

Cecelia Kersten

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Churches of Morristown

Historic Morristown
Assumption Church
Fire on April 10, 1985
Stained glass windows, altar survived
First mass Christmas, 1884
120 original members of church
Oldest standing church
Whippany Presbyterian mass
1742- Smallpox hospital
1794- the second building was built
1840- Church split

United Methodist Church
Built in 1827
2 buildings
January 1972- Fire
1968- Given it's name
1939- Unification

Fun Fact!
Church of the redeemer
Norman Gothic Revival
Built in 1917
Open to everyone
Same-gender marriages

St Peter's Episcopal
1915- Bertram Goodhue
Built 1897-1914
April 11, 1887- Ground broken
Gothic revival style

Presbyterian Churches
Presbyterian Church on the Green
Assumption Church
Church of the Redeemer
United Methodist Church
Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church
Thanks for watching!
By Cecelia Kersten and Juliette LaMontagne
Gothic revival style
Red brick Ohio sandstone trim
Heart of “Little Dublin”
Roman arches and stained glass windows
Gothic chapel
Beautiful stained glass windows
Gothic Revival
Puddingstone, purple clay, & white pebbles
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