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Monet Presentation

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Stephanie Abernathy

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Monet Presentation

Claude Monet
By Stephanie Abernathy
Monet was born in 1840 in Paris, France and died in 1926 in his house in Giverny, France
He worked in the medium of charcoal and graphite
as a younger child, but then moved to oil paints when he apprenticed
under Jacques-Francois Ochard As a child, his father wanted Claude to take over
the family grocery business but Claude loved art.
His mother died when he was 16 and he dropped out of Le Harve art school to go live with his aunt, Marie-Jeanne Lacadre. In 1861, age 21, he joined the First Regiment of African Light Calavary but got typhoid fever 2 years later and his aunt got him out, forcing him to go to art school. In 1870 he married Camille Doncieux whom with he had 2 sons. Jean Monet, 1867 and Michel Monet, 1878. lady with a parasol- 1875 sunrise- 1872
Path at Giverny-1885 Self Portrait- 1917 Waterlily Pond-1897 Agapanthus-1914-1917 The Cradle-1867 Lady in the Garden-1867 Camille on her death bed-1879 Alice Hoschede in the garden-1881 When his first wife died he remarried to a woman named Alice Hoschede.
The had no children together. These are some of his paintings... Monet was known for his collaboration with other
artists that created impressionism
that start that art revolution in france.
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