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Per la gloria d’adorarvi

No description

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Per la gloria d’adorarvi

Composer Background
Theory Analysis
The time signature is in 3/4
The key signature is the key of F maj
The range in this song is D to F
For most of the song you will be singing at a volume of mf few times does the dynamic marking change. But it does so in measure 25-32 and again in 33-40
Something interesting about the composition of this piece is that the melody flows better in certain measures when the extra notes are sung.

Aria Background
Per la gloria is a popular convert and recital piece. It is from the opera Griselda written by Giovanni Bononcini. In this Moment of the opera Ernesto is singing to his love Almirena aboutnjow he will love her always even if she doesnt love him. This aria is traditionaly sung by a soprano.
Song Interpretation
Per la gloria d’adorarvi
Pronunciation and Text Analysis
The composer is Giovanni Bononcini.
Giovanni was an Italian baroque composer who lived from 1670-1747. Giovanni like many other composers played an instrument before composing vocal works. Giovanni was a cellist and spent his early years composing for the Cello. He has written 17 operas, also various other works. Giovanni had worked in Rome, Vienna & Berlin, London, France, and spent his, final,years in Vienna leaving his wife
and four kids in poverty.
My interpretation of this would be as Ernesto. I find this very handsom man and I know evrything about him. I know he is the love of my life but he does not return my affections therefore I am heartbroken but I continue to love this man as I know he is my soulmate.
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