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Mary Lundquist

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Statistics

Statistics Adult Content Knowledge Real World Perspective Mathematical Perspective Scientific Perspective Formulate questions that can be
addressed with data and collect, organize, and display relevant data to answer them Select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data Develop and evaluate inferences and predictions that are based on data Understand and apply basic concepts of probability Measure of middle may be misleading
non-symmetrical data
extreme highs or lows
when the distribution is not reasonably smooth
The way data are displayed can make a big difference in how they are interpreted. When comparing groups, both percentages and actual numbers are important. When looking at the relationship between two variables:
correlation does not mean that one causes the other
there may be a third variable
correlation may be due to chance In order for a sample to represent a population:
the sample must be large enough
it must be chosen randomly A physical or mathematical model can be used to estimate the probability of real world events. When am I EVER going to use this stuff??? What varieties of plant should we grow? What are the best
combinations of fertilizers, pesticides and densities of planting? How does
changing these factors affect the course of the growth process?
from A to Z Every day Agriculture Business & Economics How should options to buy shares be priced? Which
companies are likely to go out of business in the next year? What is the likely tourist flow next year? What causes companies to choose a particular method of accounting? Do inducements (e.g. prizes) to open bank accounts produce any long term business? Is it true that the companies most likely
to be taken over are those that have been achieving poor returns? How have living standards changed over the last six months? Should shoplifting (shop theft) detection devices be hidden or should their presence be made obvious? Environmental Studies What impact will a proposed industrial plant have
on the surrounding ecology? Is there an increase in birth defects near nuclear
power plants? Do strong electric or magnetic fields induce higher cancer rates
among people living close to them? Literature Did Sir Francis Bacon write the works of Shakespeare? How does
style change with the age of an author?
Marketing What makes advertisements irritating? Is an irritating ad a bad ad? Are telephone polls the best way to collect market data? What share of the television market does Sony have? Do higher prices signal higher
quality? Sociology How have drinking patterns changed this century? What are the chances of a major war in the next 5 years? Are the number of wars in a
period random? Are marriages failing more often? Which prison inmates are
most likely to reoffend? Zoology Do caged orangutans behave differently indoors and outdoors?
What type of pine trees do red-cockaded woodpeckers prefer for constructing
nest and roost cavities? Are aerial photographs effective in counting geese? Political Polling Insurance Rates Consumer Goods Stock Market Sports Influenza Lottery Gambling Census Weather
Forecasts 4 5 6 1 2 3 7 Adult
Knowledge Instructional Implications Concepts &
Specific Skills Research on
Learning Coherency & Articulation State Standards& District Curriculum Activity
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