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Traits of the Classic Epic Hero

No description

Doug Frank

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Traits of the Classic Epic Hero

What are the five qualities that define an epic hero such as Beowulf? Archetypal Hero Traits Usually the child of royalty or a child of a god and human. 1. Noble Birth There is a need for the hero, a demand. Traumatic Event Leads to Quest Sometimes there is a particular weapon that only that hero can use. Acquiring of a Special Weapon The hero must venture to an unfamiliar territory to face the challenges. Journey to the Unknown/Underworld The hero will always do what is right above anything else. Displays High Moral Ideals Group Assignment You will be placed in a group, and you will be responsible for finding evidence of all of these traits in "Beowulf"
Write down a direct quote and provide a page number for that quote.
Use the entire story, not just one section.
When you are finished pick three traits and write 1-2 pages explaining their significance in "Beowulf"
This is due at the end of class today. It counts as a quiz grade.
Divide up the archetypes. Have different people find different ones. Proves Him/herself on the quest The hero must demonstrate the ability to be the one who can defeat the threat.
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