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How All Teachers Can (and Must) Be Reading Teachers

Ch 10 from Teach Like a Champion (Doug Lemov)

Peter Lane

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of How All Teachers Can (and Must) Be Reading Teachers

Reading is the skill... The single most powerful thing a teacher can do is unlock the full meaning of the texts they read With the ability to read, students can do essentially anything If you teach you have:
the opportunity
the obligation
to ensure that your students read more (and better) Better readers today are better readers of tomorrow... Four basic skills needed to read Decoding
- the process of taking apart the written text to identify the spoken words it represents Fluency
- the ability to read at a rapid rate with accuracy and expression Vocabulary
- word knowledge: how many words a students knows and how well they know them Comprehension
- the abilty to understand the written text Comprehension has two basic needs... mastery of fluency, decoding, and vocabulary an understanding of how to utilize comprehension techniques Meaningful reading within the classroom 1. accountable
2. moderately expressive
3. highly leveraged
teachers are able to reliably assess whether students are actually reading DEAR (drop everything and read) does not hold students accountable students demonstrate the capacity to embed meaning in words as they read, to show in their inflection that they are processing the words above a basic level moderately expressive highly leveraged all students are engaged in the reading process...

"Control the Game" Control the Game

keep durations unpredictable
keep the identity of the next reader unpredictable
keep durations short
reduce transaction costs
use bridging to maintain continuity
oral cloze
rely on a placeholder We are what we have read and how we read it... accountable
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