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Main Idea

No description

Wally Vargas-Rios

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Main Idea

In life, I have found that slow and steady wins the race. Gratification is a process, and reaching it takes effort. Whenever I have the chance, I take every opportunity to learn more and experience more about the world we live on.
The mountains of Puerto Rico are, to me, magnificent and humbling, an air to aspire to. They exert a mature tone, a way I wish to be known and remembered by my peers. Regardless, they are welcoming, breaking the stereotypical image of harsh, cold summits by residing among the most beautiful of lifeforms, making themselves friends to all.
I am currently part of a unique group known as the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, a scholarly organization dedicated to showing young students the way to Ivy League colleges and providing financial support where needed. Because of all the opportunities I now have access to, I plan on becoming either an astronomer or a business executive, someone influential and working for the furtherance of humankind.
The Story of Wally
Main Idea
I am a thirteen-year-old student at Orlando Science Middle School who wishes to accomplish all I can in life.
I have a liking for knowledge–I occasionally entertain myself with watching science channels on YouTube such as Veritasium and Vsauce, a habit that pays off. At one point, on a field trip to a university, I was able to speak on par with a quantum physicist working on an atom smasher there, discussing such marvels of the universe that even he did not have the technology to unravel.
Like the grassy mountains of Puerto Rico, I can be stern, yet welcoming. I help newcomers see what is yet to be known and teach them the way to joy and knowledge.
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