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The Sniper and The Most Dangerous Game

The Sniper and The Most Dangerous Game.

Elizabeth Ortiz

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The Sniper and The Most Dangerous Game

"The Sniper" and "The Most Dangerous Game."
The Sniper
Enemy Sniper
The Sniper and The Enemy.
Dublin, Iorland
The Sniper
The Most Dangerous Game

By. Elizabeth Ortiz
The Sniper is sneaky.
The Snipers enemy.
The snipers are on opposite roofs, killing any enemy sniper or each other.
"Dublin lay enveloped in darkness but for the dim light of the moon that shone through fleecy clouds, casting a pale light as of approaching dawn over the streets and the dark waters of the Liffey."
Rrainsford gets his ship trapped on an island called "Ship trap Island."
General Zaroff
General Zaroff hunts people.
General Zaroff and Rainsford
Both of these men are hunting each other on the island.
Ship Trap Island
A place where ships vanish and are never found.
Comparison of Protagonist.
Comparison of Antagonist.
Comparison of Conflict
Comparison of Setting
The Sniper and Rainsford are similar by how they both are sneaky and clever, they both are in a situation where they have to deal with life or death.
The similarities of the Enemy Sniper and General Zaroff, both of these men are hunting the other person whether its their enemy or just a friend.
The similarities of the conflict in these two stories is that they both have to face someone and try to defeat each other.
The settings in these stories are similar because they both take place during the night time. The Sniper is hunting the Enemy Sniper at night time just like General Zaroff and Rainsford are hunting each other during the dark night.
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