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Latin America

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Riley DeCan

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Latin America

Prices Brazil : Amazon River The Amazon River goes through Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador and Brazil before finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon is the largest river in the world in terms of discharge and the 2nd longest in the world. It is 3,977 miles long. It is home to many plants and animals. The Amazon River Basin is the largest river basin in Latin America. Panama Canal The Panama Canal is located on the Isthmus of Panama. It is important because it lets ships cut through North and South America, instead of going around South America. It helps ships to get where they want to go quicker. It saves about 8,000 miles of travel for ships. In turn it makes products cheaper than they would be without the Panama Canal. Atacama Desert Latin America Map and Countries Sources Hotel Rental Car $ 91.00 Mexico: $ 107.00 Important Places http://citydestinations.org/central-america-panama-canal-buildings.html http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/18722/Amazon-River Tree Map Ethnic Groups Mestizo Mulatto Creoles Mix of
and Native
person. Europeans
came on
boats. Natives were
here years before. Mix of African
and European
person. Africans came
as slaves.
Slaves freed in the
1800's. Two European
parents. Born in
Latin America. Parents both
born in
Europe. http://gatewayno.com/culture/Creoles.html http://nature.new7wonders.com/image-gallery?id=9&post_id=5324 Andes Mountains The Andes Mountains are located in western South America. The Andes Mountains are home to many plants and animals, including an herb, Puya raimondii, that cannot grow anywhere else. The Andes Mountain range is the longest in Latin America. It is also among the tallest mountains in the world. http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/andes.htm http://www.nbcnews.com/id/39195514/ The Atacama Desert is located in South America between the Andes Mountains and the
Pacific Ocean. The Atacama Desert stretches 600 miles and covers a total of 40,540 sq. miles. The Atacama Desert is known as the driest place on Earth. Parts of the desert have not seen rain since records have been kept. Haiti : Cuba : http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0308/feature3/ 1 day rental $ 44.80 US Dollars Tree Map Freedom Fighters Simon Bolivar Miguel Hidalgo Toussaint
L'ouverture Born 1783
died 1830 Born 1753 Born 1743
Died 1803 associated
with South
American countries
such as : Bolivia,
Venezuela, Argentina, Known for freeing
many South American
countries of Spanish rule.
Became president of
Bolivia and Venezuela. Died 1811 Associated with Mexico
and Spain. Known for freeing Mexico
and defeating Spain. Associated with
Haiti and France Known for freeing
Africans and Mulattoes
from slavery in Haiti
and Defeating France. http://www.islamawareness.net/LatinAmerica/ http://www.hotwire.com all prices from capital of country $ 5.84 $ 249.00 http://orbitz.com $ 50.00 $ 112.00 http://www.cubatravelusa.com/hotel_only_prices.htm $ 74.00 http://www.cubanjourneys.com/car-rental-cuba-rex.htm http://www.trogontours.com/wp-content/gallery/cac-chi-12d/atacama-desert.jpg People of: Brazil: http://www.coxandkingsusa.com/travel-destinations/latin-america/private/luxury-rio-iguassu-salvador-cultural-tour.html Cuba: Haiti: Mexico: http://gomexico.about.com/od/planningandinformation/ss/attractions_10.htm Brazil government: Economy: religion: natural
resources flag: http://www.flags.com/fullsize/882/701 Mexico government: economy: religion: natural
resources: Flag: http://mapsofworld.com Cuba government: economy: religion: natural resources: flag: Haiti government: economy: religion: natural
resources: flag: Riley
DeCan Federal republic Federal Democracy Second largest in
Latin America Free Market economy http://bajaquest.com/faq/economy.htm Montezuma Pizarro Atahualpa Cortes Cuban Missile Crisis Zapatistas
Movement Oil Pollution Destruction of the Rainforest
in Brazil Climate Mexico: Climate Varies: Coastal regions: hot and humid Inland Regions: dry and temperate Central America: Tropical, hot and humid Colombia: Wettest place in South America Amazon River Basin: hot and rainy Andes Mountain Regions: cold and dry Desert Region: Dry and windy Chile: Temperate desert in North; Mediterranean climate in central ; cool and damp in south Montezuma was the leader of the Aztecs.
The capital city of the Aztec Empire was
Tenochtitlan. Tenochtitlan was a grand
city. It had as many as 200,000- 300,000 people living there. It had many large pyramids as well. Montezuma was famous for being the leader of
the Aztecs. He was also the last Aztec ruler ever. Montezuma died one of two ways. The Spaniards claim that Montezuma died when the Aztec people stone him to death. The Aztec people claimed that the Spaniards executed Montezuma. Either way, Montezuma died in 1520. Cortes was sent to the Americas by Spain. Spain was
a country trying to expand in the 1500's. They sent many conquistadors to the Americas in this time.
Cortes was the man who brought down the Aztec Empire. He had the help of disease and of course an army. Cortes became rich and continued exploring.
Hernan Cortes died in 1547. He died in Seville, Spain. The cause of his death is unspecified. Atahualpa was Sapa Inca, or the ruler of the Incas. The capital city of the Inca Empire was
Cuzco. Cuzco was known as the City of Gold.
It was a very wealthy city to say the least. Atahualpa was famous for being the last
ruler of the Incas. He held a meeting
with Pizarro and was surprise attacked. He was captured and was held ransom. The Incas brought 24 tons of gold in exchange for him. Atahualpa was killed in 1533. He was executed on July 26, 1533. Pizarro was a conquistador from Spain like Cortes. Like mentioned previously Spain was trying to colonize the "new world" in the 1500's.
Pizarro was famous for conquering the Inca Empire. He only had 168 men to overpower an empire of around 20 million people. However, Pizarro and his men had disease on their side. Around 1/2 of Inca people were killed by Small Pox.
Pizarro and his men brought down the Inca Empire and were successful in getting the area ,now called Peru, for Spain. Pizarro was killed in 1545. He was assassinated in a palace in Cuzco. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in Cuba and the
United States. The Soviet Union was allowed to
build a missile launching point in Cuba, about
90 miles from Florida. It was a time of worry for the United States. Cuba
allowed the Soviet Union to place missiles in Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a 13 day period from October 15 to October 28, 1962. It could have turned out to be an all-out nuclear war, that possibly could have ended life for all people. If people survived it would have been named World War III. http://geographyblog.eu/wp/water-contamination-threatens-mexico-city/ The air pollution in Latin America is caused by
over-crowded cities. It is caused by exhaust from cars and factories. There are thousands of factories
and millions of cars. In Mexico City the city is
surrounded by mountains and the pollution cannot
move around. In Santiago, Chile, there are many copper mines that contribute to pollution. The air pollution causes smog and haze. Children often will get lung disease or breathing troubles later in life. Older adults must stay inside because the pollution is so bad some days. Governments are trying to help with air pollution. In Mexico City, one day each week, drivers must leave their car at home. All citizens are encouraged to to use public transportation or carpool. Some days factories are closed by the government. Cars are inspected very frequently. The Zapatistas Movement occurred in Mexico.
It specifically occurred in Chiapas, the southern
most Mexican state. It is important because it got Mexico and the world's attention. Many of the indigenous people, mostly Mayans, felt they needed more governmental help. They felt like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would hurt their farmers' businesses. The Zapatistas used guerrilla war-fare tactics to win a few small battles against the Mexican army. The Zapatistas got the world to agree with their
way of thought. The Zapatistas now use non-violent ways of
getting their point across. These ways include websites and speeches. Oil pollution is caused by oil spills and leaks. Large ships in the ocean carrying oil leak and the water is polluted. Some times oil is placed on roads to keep dust down. This oil is washed away and gets into streams and eventually lakes. Some effects of oil pollution are very bad. Water can be poisoned. This can kill fish and other animals. Oil pollution causes high levels of carbon-dioxide. Fisher mens' jobs can be worsened and they could even have to stop working due to an oil spill. To stop oil pollution companies are making better equipment. Governments are also putting more regulations on oil companies. Air Pollution http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/cleaning-oil-spill.htm The destruction of the Amazon Rainforest is caused by people needing wood, paper, etc. People have to cut down trees to get this. However, some people cut down trees illegally. Other large companies clear cut. The destruction of the Amazon Rainforest causes two main things. Without the Amazon Rainforest, the Earth would have about 20% less oxygen. Also many animals are losing their homes. Some animals may become extinct soon. To help protect the rainforest, laws are being put into place that limit clear cutting. Also environmental groups are doing everything they can to save the rainforest. http://consciouslifenews.com/amazon-deforestation-record-low/1143852/ no official religion about 88% Roman Catholic silver, oil, copper federal republic federal democratic mixed economy strong economy
weakened since 2008 http://www.indexmundi.com/brazil/economy_profile.html majority of people Roman Catholic about 20% protestant Christians timber, iron ore,
coffee http://www.bloomberg.com/slideshow/2012-03-13/brazil-s-top-11-resource-riches.html#slide2 communist
unitary http://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/world/cuba-government.html sugar cane, nickel, cobalt command
poor official secular (no religion)
mostly catholic republic
federal mixed
down from previous years 80% Roman Catholic
16% Protestant Christian bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate 1 room/ 1 night/1 person
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