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Polo Ralph Lauren

No description

Max Lrd

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren
Value proposition
Functional benefits include increasing the luxuriousness of your life with their high quality items.
Emotional benefits of this brand are that it increases your self-esteem and leaves you feeling high class and classic.
Self-expressive benefits include its ability to allow your self-expression to be show through your clothes while giving you a classic feel.
Consumer profile
Upper middle class
Family oriented
Simple Elegant
Polo is a life style brand, their target customers don't just see wearing a Polo shirt as a small fashion statement it is small extension of the lifestyle that Polo embodies
Polo's target consumers want to share the joys of Polo with every part of their life
Polo Ralph Lauren
Reputation history
Brand loyalty
Excellent design
Diversified product offering
Strong financial position
Emerging middle class markets in developing countries
Endorsement contracts suck as has with the Olympics games and partnerships with other sporting events (Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, NCAA)
Market penetration into the urban market
RLX (Polo sport)
The Polo shirt is created and becomes an instant money maker. Also that year, Ralph Lauren is approached to help make costumes for a remake of the Great Gatsby. He agrees and helps recreate a fashion trend across the United States

The first international store opens in London, England.
Locate at 143 Bond Street, it attracts a number of visitor across the European continent
Polo Ralph Lauren goes on the NYSE stock Market. With it's symbol as RL, it becomes one of the most invested stock and one of the one's with the most returned profit for the next decade. This allows thousands of people to own a peice of the company and still make money.
In 2005, Polo RL was an official sponsor for the United States premiere tennis match: The US Open. This and the 2005 International Ralph Lauren Collection fashion shows garnered the company and RL a variety of attention which allowed them to achieve record breaking sales.

Lauren's ties appeared at the Neiman Marcus store and other high priced-acclaimed department stores. Ties instantly become the new company's best sellers.
Lauren decides to go outside his comfort zone and create
a women's line of clothing. He also takes a huge investment risk by opening a department store in Beverly hills. Which is know for it's high rent.
-"My company has always stood for providing
quality products, creating worlds and inviting
people to take part in our dream."
-Elegance & Style.
-Highly Valued Quality and Design.
-The users of Ralph Lauren are upper middle
to high class who live throughout the world.

Brand Identity
Swot Analysis
Fairly easy to counterfeit
Price sensitivity
Currency Fluctuation
Rapidly changing fashion trends
High end competitors
High levels of consumer debt could adversely affect sales
High levels of unemployment
Ralph Lauren watches
Classic Polo Shirt
Polo Ralph Lauren restaurants
Polo sport
Perfume Polo Ralph Lauren
By Max
How to resume Ralph Lauren philosophy ?
"I don't design clothes, I design dreams." Ralph Lauren
Market Share (2012)
Competitive Advantage
Polo RL competitive advantages are centered in inspiration and design, product logistics, and, "unparalleled" in-store customer experiences.
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