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MTE 501--Team Activity

Team A--Art and Science of Teaching Activity--Fact Families

Michelle Pope-Reyes

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of MTE 501--Team Activity

FACT FAMILIES Three numbers can be related like members of family. The members of this family are 9, 12, 3. These are the only members that live in this house. You can see how the numbers are related by the four facts listed in the house. Example Example For review: there are two addition facts and two subtraction facts in this family of three numbers: 2,5,3 Addition and Subtraction
Fact Family Activity This can be done as a group activity, with each group having a difference number of beans Look at the families on the worksheet.
Can you list how each family is related? (Mackie, 2012)
(Mathatube Glossary, n.d.) (Mrs.McDowell's Number Family Activities, n.d.) ("First Grade Schoolbox", n.d.) ("First Grade Schoolbox", n.d.) ("First Grade Schoolbox", n.d.) Implies that a certain numbers and facts are related, as are members of a family
Only three numbers per family (Ex. 3,9,12)
Two numbers in the family can be added to get the third number (9+3=12)
In addition, you can reverse the numbers to reach the third number again (3+9=12). This is also known as the communicative property of addition. What are Fact Families? Second property of fact families are cousins or operands
In this realm, subtraction is related to addition as a siblings children are related to your own
This is also known as the inverse property of addition (Ex. 12-9=3 and 12-3=9) Fact Cousins? Fact families have narrow focus so students can concentrate on one concept
Provides depth of understanding with little repetition
Step by step instruction simplifies the concept
Increased difficulty as understanding occurs allows for expansion to other math concepts Four Fact Family Concepts Fact family building is a useful skill introduced in first grade
If a student understands the family, they can easily rebuild it if a number is missing
Helps students to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction Concept
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