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Ghetto Gospel Analysis

No description

Alyssa Atencio

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Ghetto Gospel Analysis

Ghetto Gospel
Intro: TUPAC Shakur
rhetorical analysis
LITERARY Analysis:
Tupac’s “Ghetto Gospel” ignites one’s internal senses to work towards a universal peace between individuals that looks for collective change.
Critical Theory:
Tupac’s “Ghetto Gospel” coincides with the ideologies of reconstructivism, desiring to continually reform and be established into a greater society.

Tupac shakur
Born June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996
Sold over 75 million records worldwide
East Harlem New York City, NY
Posthumous Album
"Loyal to the game"
Recorded in 1992
-released in 2004
Main theme: "end the war on the streets"
The purpose of Tupac’s “Ghetto Gospel” is to disseminate his beliefs on violence and hate prevalent throughout the world and attempt to influence people through his determined attitude to make a change.
Rhetorical Analysis
Those who wish to follow me
(My ghetto gospel)
I welcome with my hands (1-3)

If I could recollect before my hood days
I'd sit and remanence thinkin' of bliss of the good days
I stop and stare at the younger my heart goes to em
Aids tested it was stress that they under
And nowadays things change (8-14)

Tell me do you see that old lady, ain't it sad?
Livin' outta bags but she's glad for the little things she has
And over there there's a lady crack got her crazy
Yet she's givin' birth to a baby

Rhetorical Analysis
"We jump into another form of slavery
Even now I get discouraged wonder if they take it all back"
"Everyone's ashamed of the youth
'Cuz the truth look strange and for me it's reversed
We left them a world that's cursed and it hurts"
"Before we find world peace we gotta find peace
And end the war in the streets my Ghetto Gospel
Those who wish to follow me
(Yeah, Ghetto Gospel)"

Critical Theory:
"If you take your time to hear me
Maybe you can learn to cheer me it ain't about black or white
'Cuz we're human I hope we see the light before it's ruined
My Ghetto Gospel"
Critical Theory:
Told 'em they could get teary the world looks dreary
When you wipe your eyes see it clearly
There's no need for you to fear me
If you take your time to hear me
Maybe you can learn to cheer me it ain't about black or white
'Cuz we're human I hope we see the light before it's ruined
My Ghetto Gospel (21-28)

By: Alyssa Atencio & Brenna Parker
recorded in 1992
- released in 2004
Main Theme: End war on the streets
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