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dinosaur delia!!!!

No description

Mike Graham

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of dinosaur delia!!!!

dinosaur delia!!!!
the spinosaurus lived around 100 million years ago,what is now north africa.the spinosaurus is larger than the t-rex and may have been the largest carnivorous (meat eating) dinosaur ever.
the t-rex lived in the area of earth th
the name carnotaurus means "meat eating bull...eek!the name refers to the horns found above its eyes,which are similar to bull horns.carnotaurus's eat meat,so they are carnavores.Estimates suggest that the carnosaurus 8 metres (26 feet) in length and weighed somewhere between 1500 and 2500kg.
brontosaurus's live in the jurassic period,around 150 million years ago.they are one of the largest things that walked on earth!brontosaurus's eat leaves,which means they are hebivores.there weight is over 30 metric tons!there tails are 50 feet,which is a whole class of kids!
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