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Guilt in "The Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe

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Drake Hillier

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Guilt in "The Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe

Vulture Eye
The narrator has guilt about killing the old man with the vulture eye. he feels guilty about killing the old man because after the deed was done and the old man was dead he thought he could hear the old man heart. As a result of this guilt he admitted that he killed the old man to the officers and showed them where he buried him.
Poe uses repetition to show how the narrator can hear the old man's heart beating in his head. " Yet the sound increased- and what could i do? It was a low dull quick sound." He was making the story seem longer than it really is. He showed guilt because if someone is dad you cannot hear there heart beating. So this means the sound was in his head.
Guilt in "The Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe
Drake Hillier
Poe uses puncuation to show the guilt of the narrator for killing the old men. " But the noise increased. Oh God! what COULD I do? I foamed - I raved - I swore!" The puncuation showed how he was guilty for killing the old man because he was nervous the the officers would catch him.
Poe uses point of view to show the narrators guilt. The narrators actions help develop the central idea of guilt:" I gasped for breath, and yet the officers heard it not." he thinks the cops know that he killed the old man but they didn't. this shows that he is guilty because he is gasping for breath. He is nervous that the cops will find out. But eventual they do because he gives himself up.
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