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Mental Skillz

No description

Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Mental Skillz

Mental Skillz!
Mental skillz is a organisation which helps to support vulnerable adults who suffer from mental illnesses. They work with other agencies to ensure that individuals who suffer with a mental illness get the best quality out of life.
Multi-agency working
Mental skillz would participate in working with different agencies. They work with whole agencies to povide individuals with the suporrt they need. For example they may work with:
Shaw trust
Both of these agences help to provide individuals who are menatlly ill with people to talk to, coping, mechanisms and theorys to deal with their illness.
Working in partnership with Adult Services, Families & Informal careers.
By working in partnership with all of these services, Mental Skillz will be benefitting their sevices users. By involving the individuals family
within their care plan, their
famiy wil be able to provide
them with support, encourage
them to use their learning
Adult services
Decision making processes and forums
Mental Skillz would work as a team to ensure that they are providing the best care plans so that indiivduals are recieving the best quality care. Although this may become difficuilt when it comes to creating plans for each service usuer, therfore it will be beneficial if Mental Skillz work with other agencies to do this.
Partnership working with agencies
Mental skillz would work with many agencies to provide individuals with the best quality care and support. For example they would work with therapists, counsellers, mental health nurses, Probation and prision services also a GP would be benefical. By all agencies working together they can offer a wide range of knowledge to support individuals in many ways.
Mental Skillz
Mental Skillz would work in partnership with adult services such as therapists, as recieving therapy can help to relieve any negative thoughts or feelings indiviuals may be feeling. A type of therapy Mental Skillz would work with is art therapy, this is so individuals get to express their feelings in a different method rather than talking. They may also go to physio-therpsits to exersise their mind, they may find routines through exerisise to relief any anger or
emotions individuals may feel. Councelling is also a good technique for individuals to get to confind
what they wish to an individual who may
not be a family member or friend.
Staff training
and induction
By the staff at Mental Skillz being trained
it is ensuring they are at the best standard
to provide high quality care to service users. By providing all new staff with an induction it will allow them to see the structure of the company and how they need to follow polocies and procedures. Without this staff may carry out procedures incorrect which may cause injury or halm to service users.
therefore is all staff have followed out the same training and induction they will all be able to carry out high quality care.
Care quality
The care quality commission are the independant regulator of health and social care all across the UK. They investigate so that they can ensure individiauls are recieveing safe, effective and a high quality level of care. If they feel that the care individuals within the UK are not recieving care to the correct standard they will put them in special measures therfore their care will be improved and their needs will be met. They will do this through regular visits.
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