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Science Alphabet

No description

Stephannia Morris

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Science Alphabet

Asteroids are objects that fall from space.Asteroids are sometimes called minor planets are planetoids.Asteroids come from the orbit between mars and Jupiter. they can be between 1 km are 100,000 km.Asteroids usually have irregular shapes.
A crater is a big hole created by asteroids and meteorites.A crater looks like a top of a volcano.The crest is the highest part of the wave.Craters can be big holes there are many in this world.Also craters can leave big holes in the earth.

The big bang theory was the beginning fury.The universe had a big explosion that went all through space.During the big bang theory planets and things got destroyed.Years later after the big bang theory exploded humans came.Also the big bang theory created other planets.

Delta is a large flat area of land at the mouth of a river.A delta only has water and grass.Also deltas are very long.Deltas could have trees but the land can still be flat.Deltas have very long rivers.
Eclipse of the moon
The eclipse of the moon is the earth casing a shadow on the moon.The sun blocks the light from the sun for this to happen.But the the moon has to be in front of the sun.But this planets have to move for this to happen.But the sun does not have to move.
Heliocentric Model
The sun is in the middle of the solar system.Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.The sun is not a planet it is a star.Ther are a lot of planets in are solar system.The thing that holds all the planets together is called an orbit.
A galaxy is a thing field with planets and stars.It is also non as space.There are 9 planets in space including Pluto.But it is mostly millions of stars.Some people think that there is life in space.


Science Alphabet
Big Bang Theory
Fog is a cloud that forms close to the ground.It is hard to see when fog is around.People can get in car crashes because it is hard to see in the fog.It is like your in a cloud.But it can go away it usually starts in the morning.
Ice age
The ice age was when earth had allot of ice.The ice age started along time ago.The ice age happened after the dinosaurs.It was mostly cold but sometimes it was hot.All animals had fur because it was cold.
Jet Stream
Jet streams go around the earth quick.The summer jet stream is warm.The winter jet stream is cold.Jetstreams are forms of wind going around the earth.Jet streams are high above earth the go west and east.
A kingdom is a family that lives in castle.There are guards and other things to.There many you can be in a castle.Castles can come in all sizes.Castles can fight each other and they all have different armor and designs.
Lava is a hot liquid that comes from the ground.Lava can be yellow orange are red.Lava makes all types of crystals.Lava comes out bye volcanoes.volcanoes come from islands like Hawaii.
Mass is a amount of things.Mass is mostly about witch weights more.There are more words to call it like matter and substance.Ther can be big things are small things to mass.You can weight food at the grocery stores and other places.
Nucleus come from a cell are a atom.Nucleus is very small you can not see it it.Nucleus is inside of are bodies.Nucleus is in the center of are blood cells.Also nucleus controls everything a blood cell does.
A orbit is a thing that holds planets together.An obit is like a circle that is like a line for planets.Gravity is what holds an orbit together.Inbetween the orbit is the sun.There are nine planets in the line.
A planet is a thing that is in space and it could be big are small.Planets can crash together witch is called the big bang.It is loud and big that's how the earth started.A planet is mostly a thing that orbits the sun.There are nine planets in space including Pluto.

A Question is a thing you ask people.Class rooms ask questions if you raise your hand.Qestions mean things you want to ask to other people.You can ask questions at field trips about things you want to know.There are also questions in books and letters.
A reptile is a type of animal that has a back bone,and dry,leathery skin,or scales,breath air with lungs,and lays eggs.There are many types of reptiles like a snake are a crocodile.Reptiles can be deadly animals are they can be friendly animals.Reptiles can be big are small they come in all sizes.Even dinosaurs can be reptiles because they have the same things.
Soil is a thing that can help plants grow.You can plant things in soil like flowers and tees.With out soil plants and trees can not grow.Plants and trees help us get oxygen so we can breath.Wene they die it goes in the soil and than the soil can have good nutrients.
A tornado is a thing that turns around fast .Tornadoes can be deadly it can also destroy places and things.It also can destroy home towns are cities.Tornadoes come in all sizes there can be fluting to.Fire and water can be in tornadoes and that is not good.
A unit is a thing that stands for a word.Units can be in reading are writing .You will learn units in school for reading and writing.Unit can be in other things to like a unit of a company.Units can be like businesses are other jobs.
Volcanoes are mountains that as a hole and lava is in it .Diamonds can be made by hot temperatures.It is dangerous to stand by volcanoes.Volcanoes are mostly located on islands like Hawaii
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