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Comparing Cambodia and the United States

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Killian Luzier

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Comparing Cambodia and the United States

Comparing Cambodia (Human development rank 136) and the United States (Human development rank 5)

Cambodia and the U.S. are very different countries. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries, while the United States of America is one of the richest. I will be comparing their access to education and poverty levels.
This might be surprising, but a great majority of the population of Cambodia can read and write- 88.4% of males and 85.9 of females to be exact.
Cambodia- Education
The States, of course, have schools too. Schools are everywhere, and education is universally available. 76.6 million students have enrolled in schools around America.
Since it is still a developing country, Cambodia is living in poverty. Around 12% of poor people in Cambodia are so poor they have no land at all.
Cambodia- Poverty
U.S- Poverty
The United States are poorer than you might think. Many people are still homeless, hungry and uneducated. In fact, there were 46.5 million people in poverty- as recently as 2012!
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