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For One More Day

No description

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of For One More Day

"For One More Day" by Mitch Albom (2006)
Intro Summary
Main Characters

Morals Cont.
Works Cited
Cynthia Reyes
Lizbeth Hernandez
Celia Martinez
English 1B Final
Professor Glick
Notes (mother's)
Ghost of mother
Wedding photograph

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"Think of Mitch Albom as the Babe Ruth of popular literature, hitting the ball out of the park every time he's at bat." - Andrea Sachs, TIME

"Mich Albom returns with a new novel in which death is a tender presence. The hero, after a missed attempted suicide, falls upon his mother who died eight years before. It is an encounter full of love and warmth that eases his torment and erase some regrets. "You need to keep people close," Albom writes, "You need to give them access to your heart". -Metro (France)
"Kids chase the love that eludes them, and for me, that was my father's . He kept it tucked away, like papers in a briefcase. And I kept trying to get in there."
-Mitch Albom, For One More Day

"You can be a daddy's boy or a momma's boy, but you can't be both. So you cling to the one you think you might lost."
-Mitch Albom, For One More Day

“I made the wrong choice ," I whispered.
My mother shook her head.
"A child should never have to choose.”
― - Mitch Albom, For One More Day
"For One More Day was inspired by my own mother and my own childhood (remember the mummy costume?) The idea came from a sudden wave of sadness I felt when I realized my mother, approaching her 80s, would not be around forever. What would I do when I couldn’t pick up the phone and have the regular conversations, the typical laughs, the gentle scoldings"? - Mitch Albom

Why do you think this book has had such a huge impact on readers? Do you think Mitch Albom is correct in stating that "kids chase the love that eludes them".
Why do you think Chick tried to kill himself, do you think he really saw his mother or was it a figment of his imagination?
Several times in the novel, Chick says that you can either be a mama’s boy or a daddy’s boy, but not both. Which was Chick? Which did he believe himself to be? Do you agree that you can only be one or the other?
Any final questions, clarifications, concerns?
Why This Is a Book You Want to Read
Great book that will make you cry
Make you think about all the wrong we have done to our mothers and teach us to appreciate them; we never know when we will lose them.
Mitch Albom is an amazing author and you should read all his books.
The book "For one more day" by Mitch Albom is an autobiography of the life of Charles "Chick" Bennetto who was a former baseball player.
Charles story begins in the later years of his life.
After expereincing a divorce and a dead-end job as a salesman he becomes an alcoholic.
He is rejected by his only daughter and attemps suicide in his hometown
Charles fails in his attempt and "staggers back to his old house, only to make an astonishing discovery. His mother who died 8 yrs ago-is still living there and welcomes him home as if nothing ever happened".
Charles spends "one more day" with his mother.
He remembers his childhood and reflects on all the
times he was never there for his mother as she was for him.
Charles learns astonishing things he never knew about
his mother and her sacrifices that with her tender
guidance tries to put the missing pieces of his life together.
- setting of the story is a small town called Pepperville Beach

-It takes place during the middle of the 1900’s.

-Most of the story consists of flashbacks
from diffrent periods of Charles life.

Charles (Chick) Benetto: Protagonist and former pro-baseball star

Pauline (Posey): Chick's mother

Leonard: Father

Roberta: Sister

Catherine: ex-wife

Maria: Daughter
Charles (Chick) Benetto
Family is what shapes how Chick turns out to be. The relationship he has with his mother and father impact him. The difference between his mother's love and father's love; Charley has to work for his father's love unlike his mother's.
Pauline (posey)
-As a kid, he was force to choose between his parents

-He played baseball and adored his dad

-He took his mother's love for granted

-He is strong, athletic, carefree and an alcoholic
-She is Chick's mother who is portrayed as a single independent mother
-Very attractive with "large, almoned-shaped eyes, dark sweeping hair, and a soft creamy complexion" (2006, 29).
-Struggled to raise a family alone
-worked as a hairdresser and had to clean apartments to support a family.
-Died at age 79 yrs of a heart attack.
Throughout Charley's life there was a strict division in being a mama's boy or daddy's boy, but he could not be both. The mother cared about Chick's education, while the father only cared about him playing baseball. His father played baseball and his mother was a nurse and a beautician. The mother being the only divorced woman, She was criticized for being a widow and being pretty.
Even as an adult, Charley is constantly learning to grow as a person, yet every time his father shows up in the picture he never has the courage to stand up to him and say "No".
-Chicks father

-Very stubborn

-Male chauvinist (masculine) "If my family was a democracy my father's vote counted twice" (30).

-Religious Catholic

-He used to play baseball, enlisted in the World War ll and owner of his own business

-Left the family

-Chick's younger sister

-As a kid she always wore ballerina shoes

-At 15 she suggests that her mother remarry
“I am uncomfortable doing this in front of my mother. It should be my father. She knows it. I know it. Neither of us says it. (95)
-Chicks wife

-They met in college

-Left Chick after his alcohol addiciton increases
“I am angry with her. I will remain angry with her until the day I leave this house for good. I know who it was. And I am angry that she wouldn’t let my father stay” (93)
-Chick's daughter

-took on a sports writing job in college.

-Ignored her father after they left him
There seems to be little appreaciation. Charley takes his mother's love for granted. On the other hand is tries to "earn" his father love, but when the divorce occurs; Leonard is only in Chick;s life when it involved baseball.
Is being angry at the mom prove of Charley's innocence? Preference for his father?
Story Line
Other Themes
“I dreamed he moved to the next town over, and one day I would ride my bike to his house and knock on this door and he would tell me it was all just a big mistake. And the two of us would ride home together, me on the front, my dad pedaling hard behind, and my mother would run out the door and burst into happy tears” (111)
Adjusting to a divorce as a child is hard and Charley struggled through his life becuase of it. This made him angry at his mother.
I am wet, sagging mess of rags and toilet paper fragments. I see my mother first. As she spots me, she raises her hand to her mouth. I burst into tears. "You ruined my life!" I yell. (40)
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