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The DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyser

No description

Richard Newstead

on 12 June 2011

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Transcript of The DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyser

The DG8SAQ VNWA What's in your shack? A network analyser is just
a posh title for an antenna
analyser... You've probably not
got one of these ...but a professional RF design engineer would probably
say it's the most useful of all the instruments to have The problem is
Complexity = + but... it's much more! because it can measure phase and amplitude it can fully characterise any network A network analyser is a versatile
tool that can do so much
more than just analyse antennas A network analyser is just
a posh title for an antenna
analyser... ...so why don't we all have one? Under the hood why? no other instrument is as versatile
no other instrument give such an insight
no other instrument is such fun to use that's until now because MFJ 259 Analyser Enough talk.
Let's get practical... No it's not!
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