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Music Presentation

No description

Mike Pasley

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Music Presentation

Transformation in the Music Industry
Under Internet's Wing Case 1: Bob Dylan Case 2: DMB Case 3: Dispatch Case 4: Sam Adams Audience Product Money Technology Gained fame under old music industry system

Demassification of the 90s didnt ruin career entirely

Fan base demographics avoided most problems with the
file sharing phenomenom of the early 2000s

Easily found success under newest model of music industry,
utilizing digital convergence
Gained fame solely from Facebook

Demassification, even between social
networking sites as promotional vehicle

Easily found success selling music via iTunes

Furthered success on internet at
Barstoolsports.com Gained fame during demassification of the 90s

Initial fame occured before Napster

Napster and Torrents helped fans follow band

Developed the Warehouse early

Adopted digital downloads and social networking Gained popularity via word of
mouth during Napster era

Had no record label

Relied heavily on a small,
but very strong audience Fragmentation began long before 90s

Behind the wheel of Napster

There will always be a demand for music

Music is ritual with many
Casette walkman: '80s
CD Walkman: '90s
mp3's: '90s/'00s Living Room
On-The Go Making money from demand has proven difficult

Illegal downloads are still prevelant

Sales of Singles very high

Multi-Million dollar contracts still being pushed

Price of music may be too high mp3s are cheaper and more effecient

Songs can be created and uploaded more timely Trying to include
more in an album
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