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3rd sector collaboration

No description


on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of 3rd sector collaboration

Project board network collaborators,
eg VE, CES, NCVO etc technical experts,
eg OU, Google, BT, CISCO, HP learning experts,
eg consultants, established providers commercial experts,
eg dotcom entrepreneurs, venture capitalists sets outcomes, monitors progress and arranges funding for first phase of project development, report back to funders, etc Project team Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Org 4 Org 5 Org 6 Org 7 phase 1: 0 to 6 months Org 6 Org 4 Next phase project team Org 7 Org 1 Org 5 Org 2 phase 2: 6 to 12 months Org 3 reviews learnings from phase 1, sets new objectives, monitors progress and arranges funding for next phase of project development Collaborator 1
eg KHNP Collaborator 2 Collaborator 3
eg independent
consultant Collaborator 4 Collaborator 5 Collaborator 6 Shared content 1 CONTENT BENEFITS Shared content 2 Shared content 3 Shared content 4 Shared content 5 Shared content 6 Millions of voluntary sector 'learners' A new way of sharing and sustaining
learning and skills resources Collaborator 'journey' 1. Set up 2. Upload 3. Tag and share User 'journey' 3. Take action 2. Refine 1. Search Create profile
Create shop / stall Select from a range of tools/apps to share different types of learning (publications, events, case studies, e-learning, skills matching, etc) Add tags to ensure learning is findable, eg subject area, location
Apply restrictions, eg specify copyright, put behind registration/pay wall Primary search by listed subject categories
Free text search engine Refine search using a range of 'relevance criteria'
Type, location, level, formal endorsement, user ratings, etc Start learning immediately
Register to start
Purchase to start
Visit external website to start
Contact other user to start Over to you... A sample methodology... How can we make collaboration work?
What might the obstacles be?
What are the alternative and better ways of doing this?
What and who are we missing?
Any other thoughts? collaboration@skills-thirdsector.org.uk
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