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Mahmoud Omar

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mahmoud Omar
Haifa Al Khatib
System Analysis
"Dawwerli" Real Estate Manager is an online portal serves as and intermediary between buyer and sellers in real estate market for selling and renting homes, lands, commercial properties all over the world.
User Friendly and easy to use in buying or renting properties
to deal with all kinds of properties (Apartments, houses, lands, farms, etc.)
Clients can browse the exact location of the property on Google Map
No log in is required for ease of use purposes
To become the leader in the middle east
To grow up rapidly throughout our innovative idea (google maps)
Become all in one place property search portal
Provide current or potential customers with information
Generate new leads by reaching the optimal design
Project Challenges
So, What is Joomla ?
Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS)
A Content Management System: is a piece of software that runs on a server and delivers a website to the browser when requested.
It allows the page to be dynamic
It allows the owner of the site to make changes to the way the site looks without changing the 'code' behind the site.
User friendly and ease of use
Advanced Searching technique
Strong platform (Joomla)
The first Google Map Locator
Loan Built in calculator
Availability in different languages
Currently it serves local clients only
"Dawwerli" owners are new entrants to the market, and still need to have some experience in real estate marketing
There is no equivalent physical business
Competition is still rare
Increased demand to real estate properties in both buying and renting categories
Online market is growing, thus competitors are also increasing
Lack of number of Jordanian internet users compared to available competitors
Lack of community trust in Internet businesses
Feasibility Study
Economic Study
Technical Study
Operational Study
One Time:
Onetime expenses in our system include: cost of a location/site, hardware and software needed, graphic designs, and all other type of cost that directly relates to deliver the project and make it at hand
includes software upgrades, domain and hosting plans, annual maintenance fees, and other continuous expenses; some of these costs are to support the system.
User Friendliness
User Satisfaction
>>> Could possibly convert to tangible benefits by increasing the viewers and clients
Advertisement Revenue Model: Listing a property and Advertising Banner
In the future:
Transaction Revenue Model
Subscription Revenue Model
Hardware Tools Used:
Computer PC
Software Tools Used:
Content Management System (Joomla) 2.5 and its extensions: Modules and Plug-ins
Front End: PHP, XML, HTML 5, and CSS
Back End: MySQL
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Documentation Tools
Hosting Techniques:
Local Hosting:
ApacheFriends XAMPP
Web Hosting:
Hosting plan and domain Name
commercial domain name (.com)
source: www.godaddy.com
Logo Design
Main Banner Design
Web Design Template
- Provides right information at a right time
- User friendliness and user satisfaction
- Manpower to help in designing, implementing, organizing, and using the system:
Web Administrator
Designers: Logo, Website design template, Banners and other designs included in the system
Developers and Programmers
Project Plan : 96 Days
Functional Requirements
Administrator Module
Listing new properties
Managing existing properties
Responding to clients' requests about properties
Organizing and authorizing clients' reviews
Managing user accounts
Managing properties' Categories
Managing articles
Managing web style
Developing and maintaining website functions and capabilities
Client Module
-Directory Search
-Keyword Search
-Browse all available properties
-Find Location on Google Map
Buying/Renting request
Property review
Contact administrator
Listing Module
Anyone who has any kind of properties for letting or sale, can list it for a very small amount of money sent using PayPal link provided with the site along with app property details, photos, location, and contact details.
Advertisement Module
This module supports a new revenue model, where any advertiser can use the blank space banner provided for advertisements.
Non- Functional Requirements
Menu Bar
Language Translator
Custom Menu Banner
About Us
Social Media
Search zone
Advertisement Banner
Google Map
User Interface
DFD Zero
Child for
process 3.0
System Design
Database Model
Lack in Time & Experience
Low Budget
New to Joomla
Future Work
Subscription model: memberships for realtors
Transaction fee model: collecting commissions
is Our Limit
Thank You
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