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regions in canada

No description

connor chapeski

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of regions in canada

In our road trip we spent $3833.4 and we have $16,166.6 left
Thanks for watching
The dark brown spot is The
st.lawens low lands
The Interior Plains
The highlighted
land in red is The
Interior Plains.
This is an example of the land in The Interior Plains.
Did you know?
The interior plains covers almost half of America.
St.Lawrence Lowlands
Canadian Shield
This is the start of our road trip!
by: Connor, Kyle, Payton and Ryan
We spent $20.00 at subway with buying 4 five dollar foot longs +drink+snack size bag of chips
We went to a movie in Edmonton it was free because Kyle got 4 free passes to any movie. The movie that we saw was Pain & Gain.
We went to an Oilers hockey game, and after the game, Jordan Eberle was signing pucks and giving them away. We each got one.
It cost $521.89 with gas to go to our next place St. Lawrence lowlands. The city we traveled to next was Toronto.
The money we spent in the Interior plains is $541.89
Prices In the interior plains
We used Ryan's motor home for shelter and transportation
In thunder bay we went swimming in the public pool and when we were coming back we saw an elk in a forest. We then went to Niagara falls. We spent $20.00 at subway because we will buy four five dollar foot long subs

We spent $269.00 to get to are next region the canadian shield we stayed in Winnipeg.

Our total cost was 289.00.
Prices in the st.lawrence lowlands
The interior pains was originally formed when cratons collided and welded together 1.8–1.9 billion years ago in the Trans-Hudson orogeny during the Paleoproterozoic Era.
The Atlantic Region
The Arctic lowlands
The Cordillera Region
This is an example of land in the Canadian Shield.
This is an example of land in the St.Lawrence low lands
The coast line of prince Edward island
The northern lights in Iqaluit
The St Lawrence lowlands have deep soils deposited during the last glaciation, when the Canadian Shield was scraped clean of all rocky soil.
prices in the canadian shield
The Canadian Shield is also called the Laurentian Plateau, or Bouclier Canadien
Did you know?
Did you know
We ordered out at Boston pizza it cost us $57.78 on two large cheese pizzas an eight pack of Pepsi and all meat wings. We them traveled to Na Hanni park.

The next city we stayed in was Labrador city.It cost us $414.00 for gas to get there
In total we spent $471.78 in the Canadian Shield.
the rocky mountains
We went to McDonalds, we got 4 quarter pounders with cheese and 4 boxes of 20 pcs chicken McNuggets for $35.80.

We went to Iqaluit in the Arctic Lowlands. It cost us $740.05 for gas to get there.

In total we spent $775.85 in the Atlantic Region.
Did you know
Did you know
Prices in the Atlantic Region
The first Premier of Newfoundland, Joey Smallwood, coined the term "Atlantic Canada" when Newfoundland joined the Dominion of Canada in 1949.
did you know
Prices in the Arctic Lowlands
We went to KFC and bought 4 of the 15 piece buckets (60 pieces) of chicken for $72.00

we went ice fishing and caught 4 fish.

We went to Vancouver in the Cordillera Region and spent $1240.00 on gas.

In total, we spent $1312.00 in the arctic lowlands
The Arctic Lowlands are a physiographic division, lying between the Canadian Shield and the Innuitian region divisions.
We went to Moxie's and ordered four Caesar salads ($9.99 each), one Vancouver Island free run Roasted Chicken ($19.99), two Chicken and Ribs ($25.99 each), one Lemon-Pepper Haddock ($22.99). For deserts, we had four slices of chocolate cake ($6.99 per piece).

We camped out at Whistler and hiked a few trails. It was $40.00 to get a camp ground.

Going back to Edmonton cost $240.00 for gas.
cordillera prices
A cordillera is an extensive chain of mountains or mountain ranges. The term derives from the Spanish cordilla, a diminutive of cuerda, or "cord"
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