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The Crusades!

Alison, Emma, Mason, Avery, and Alex's Crusade Prezi!

Alison Lee

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Crusades!

By Alison, Emma, Mason, Avery, and Alex! The First Crusade! The Second Crusade! The Third Crusade! We got our Facts & Pictures from- We enjoyed you! The first Crusade began in 1096. Nobles
and their armies from Europe met west of the Holy land and took several cities by siege. In 1099 more than 1,000 Christian knights and 10,000 foot Soldiers attacked Jerusalem. They climbed over city walls and nearly killed everyone they found. In 1144, the Kings of France and Germany
sent armies to protect the state from Muslim
attacks. The armies were attacked on their way to the Holy land. Weakened Christian troops tried to take the Muslim-Held city of Damascus (north of Jerusalem). For a while the Christian started in
Holy land survived because Muslim leaders were fighting one another instead of the Christians. By 1183 the muslims had a powerful ruler named Saladin who recaptured Jerusalem and most of the Holy land. King Richard the first of England and King Philip of France led the third Crusade against Saladin and his army. After several battles and sieges, Richard and Saladin signed a peace agreement which lasted 5 years. The treaty gave each leader territory in the Holy land. Thank you for learning with us! The Crusades! ~Medieval Warfare By Tara Steele
~Google images Some of Effects are- Trade Routes, trading goods, culture, raised Christian hostility to other religion Why did the Crusades start? Christians wanted to rule the Holy land! (Jerusalem)
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