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Know how personal selling and promotional activities benefit

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Jade Vernon-Rose

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Know how personal selling and promotional activities benefit

Know how personal selling and promotional activities benefit the hospitality industry.
A little bit about
J.D. Wetherspoon
Tim Martin is the founder of J.D. Wetherspoons
In 1979 the first Wetherspoon pub was opened and traded until 1983 when it was then sold on.
In 1993 Wetherspoons opened its 50th pub
Promotion is to raise customers awareness of a product or a brand.
Benefit to the Organization
Personal selling and promotion are used to increase the sales within the business but it can also have a great effect on the business by having repeat customers who will keep returning because you have promotional activities like loyalty cards and memberships.
Personal Selling
A good example of personal selling is looking at the deals that the hotels and restaurants are promoting and finding table toppers and flyers around the hotels or restaurants that are advertising those deals to you.

Effective at achieving a quick boost to sales.
Encourages customers to trial a product or switch brands.
I am going to describe personal selling and promotional activities and why they have been successful and why they are suitable for the hospitality industry. I am going to use Wetherspoons for my main company as they use great ways to promote there company.
Personal Selling has high customer attention and is customized for development of relationship adaptable opportunity to close the sales.
This way is high in cost for the company.
It is labor intensive (more work for the staff involved)
It can only reach to so many customers as it may not appeal to the customer range.
Sales effect may only be short term.
May damage the brand image.
Customers may anticipate further promotions.
Resources and support that staff need And the benefits that they achieve.
Staff Training
Selling Skills
Product Knowledge
Correct resources like flyers, posters etc...
The staff also benefit from this by getting incentives more working hours when they need them and maybe a pay rise giving them bigger pay.
Promotional Mix
Promotional mix is a mixture of different sales techniques the diagram below shows them:
Promotional mix is one of the 4 Ps of marketing which consists of public relations, advertising, sales promotion and personal selling.
Promotional Activities
Web pages, apps and subscriptions
Social media, facebook, twitter
Magazines - Cheshire life etc...
Posters & Bulletin boards
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