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No description

samath aravinda

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of NSBM LOLC

SWOT analysis through environment Scanning.
Establish mission, goals and objectives.
Establish reasonable assumptions of environment changes.
Developing alternatives, Evaluating alternatives and select best one
We believe in an inclusive financial service that requires client advocacy and stewardship, a passion for leading-edge solutions and the delivery
of services that exceed customer expectations.
Business Scope
We are in transformation process of changing in to non banking finance Institution(NBFI)
To achieve economies of scale by creating a more efficient and profitable Company;enhance capacity skills; improve global connectivity
Propose to give customers access to their savings accounts through the internet and mobile devices
Our Organization Structure
Decision Making
Informal Approach
Behavioral approach
Rational approach.
Motivational Strategies in LOFC
LOFC was awarded by ‘Great Work to Place’ 2013.

Effective Communication at LOFC
Vertical communication (downward)
Do you really know about what LOLC is ?

ORIX Corporation was established in 1964 in Osaka as Orient Leasing Company, a venture in which three trading companies and five banks became capital partners. A pioneer in leasing, ORIX has remained on the leading edge of financial innovation since its inception. Its growth strategy, based on strategic and geographical expansion, exhibits a boldness and scope that sets it apart from other large Japanese financial services firms. In 1989, it changed its name to ORIX Corporation in order to reflect its increasingly international profile and mark a move beyond leasing into other financial services. ORIX Corporation is listed on the Tokyo and New York Stock Exchanges.
The ORIX Connection to LOLC
An important formative influence featuring in the history of the LOLC Group has been that of ORIX Corporation, a multinational conglomerate of Japanese origin specializing in lease finance, with investments in subsidiaries and partner companies across the world.
34 Years of History
LOLC is well known as a leasing solution provider in Sri Lanka and which is gradually growing into large finance solution provider worldwide.
Let's start the success journey
Our mission is to help set the industry standard in Non-Bank Financial Services. We reach out to all Small and Medium Enterprises and provide
them with affordable and convenient Financial Services tailored to their
specific needs.
Group MD - Mr.Kapila Jayawardna
Organizational Design and structure of Lanka Orix Finance PLC gives a 3D effect.
LOFC adopts a mix of motivational theories but the Human Resource is highly based on two factor theories:
Hygiene factors
Motivating factors
Staff meetings / work systems portal
Vertical communication (upward)
Bright Idea - staff member can propose an idea
Lateral (horizontal) communication

‘Spirit’ is the group name where LOFC appoints presidents, treasurer etc.
Informal Communication
Where CSR projects run at branch level and management permits
LOFC Controlling
Budgetary Controlling 
This indicate the success of effective management practise's at LOLC
Leadership at LOFC
Managers of LOFC carries legitimate reward and coercive powers
'Manager and Leader Role' (Branch Manager)
Where as functional managers in operational department purely play a management role than a leaders role.
Organization ensures and identifies on the expert power and charismatic power.
Strategic Plan
Tactical Plan
Operational Plan
Single use Plan
Standard Plan
Rules & Regulation
SWOT analysis through environment Scanning.
Establish mission, goals and objectives.
Establish reasonable assumptions of environment changes.
Developing alternatives, Evaluating alternatives and select best one
Financial Controlling
Audit internal / external
Weaknesses of LOFC Management Practices
Diversification and focus
Centralization of HR and other functions
Inter company business alliance disadvantages
Duplication of market strategy failing on other industries. (Fiat)
Less focus on operational delivery standards.
Constraints on sub- structure growth and development
Release SBU to independently

Can be used to capture untouched markets

Feasible study prior inter group business alliance.

Customized marketing strategies to inter group companies and products.

Updating of motivating factors.
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