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Canada's connections with Germany

Eleanor Peterson

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Germany

By Eleanor I. Peterson Why Do Germans Immigrate to Canada? In the 1600s, Europe was a horrible place to live if you weren't rich. Peasants would live on a tiny piece of land that was owned by an earl or baron. They would work so hard just to grow some crops that would be taken by the owner of the land for tax. If they did not have them, then they would be thrown into the dungeon or taken as slaves. It was hard with religion as well. For example,if you were Catholic and you were in a town that was Lutheran,you would be taken to jail or forced to change your religion. So when the New World was discovered, thousands of Germans went to Canada. There was freedom for their religion, and they could own their own land, and live mostly in peace.

Now in the 21st century, Germans come here for different reasons such as better economy. Other reasons are still being able to practice your job, and less expensive medical treatment.

As we can see, immigration now is still as important as it was back then. Why Is It Important To Maintain The Trade Agreement Between Germany And Canada? 2: 1: It is important that Canada maintain a trade agreement with Germany because if we didn't we would not have access to German products and there would be a lot of people both in Canada and Germany out of jobs.

Take Bombardier for example. Since Bombardier is a Canadian company, if we didn't have a trade agreement with Germany, then the Germans would not be able to purchase trains or airplanes or subways, e.t.c. It would also be bad if we didn't have a trade agreement because more then 8 000 employees would be out of business in Germany, and vice versa. There are many German companies that work in Canada as well, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz. Why Is It Important That We Have An Alliance With Germany? 3: Why Is NATO important? 4: How Is Canada Connected To Germany? 5: Why Is It Important That We Are Connected Through Education? German Family 21st century The North Alantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is important because if NATO was never developed we would of been in a lot more battles than we have. For example, Russia would have gone to war if NATO hadn't been developed then because Russia realized that if they invaded any countries around them then they would be causing a war.
NATO helps prevent wars from happening. German students Canadian Students 2: 6: German And Canadian Culture German: Stollen is a traditional German fruitcake made from
fruits and nuts Sauerkraut is a German dish traditionally made from
pickled cabbage. Germany's national sport is football (soccer). Albert Einstein was a German physicist who discovered
the 'world's most famous equation', E = mc2, and won the
1921 Nobel Peace Prize in Physics, as well as many other
things German families are very close to each other.
Most families have 1 or 2 kids, and larger families
are less common. Canadian: Nanaimo Bars are a Canadian dessert made from a wafer
topped with vanilla or custard icing, and placed on top a
chocolate square. Rappie pie is a traditional Acadian meal, which is a
grated potato and meat casserole. There are many different types of Canadian
families. Some are 2 parents and 2 kids, others
are single parent, and many different others. Canadian
parents are very close to their kids. Joesph Brant was the Mohawk founder of Brantford.
His real name was Thayendanegea. Many people don't know this, but lacrosse is actually Canada's
national sport as well as ice hockey. It is important that we have an academic relationship between Canada and Germany because it allows a person's schooling to be recognized. For example if a German doctor came to Canada, she can still practice her work because our government recognizes the university they attended. It is also important that exchange students can come to Canada so they can learn our culture and vice versa. Canada and Germany are close allies and members of NATO (North Alantic Treaty Organization) and G8 (Group of Eight) The definition of allies is two countries that have a trustworthy relationship so that they can cooperatively trade and do business together. Germany and Canada have had a close bond for over sixty years. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Canada's and Germany's Leaders Angela Merkel Stephen Harper The Group of Eight is a organization
dedicated to economic cooperation
between countries. It includes Germany,
Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, The
United Kingdom, and the United States. Canada and Germany have a history that stretches back over 4oo years. It hasn't always been a smooth relationship, because of the World Wars, but over the past 60 to 70 years we have built a strong relationship built on many ties, including academic, cultural, military and economic relations. German immigrants helped build the nation of Canada, including founding the city of Toronto. And in return we helped rebuild the nation of Germany after the Second World War and helped protect them from harm. Although seperated by the Atlantic Ocean, our two countries have a rich relationship that has benefited both nations. German Family 1800th century Conclusion:
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