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Ola, from Brazil

No description

Kathryn Henshaw

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Ola, from Brazil

Olá, from Brazil
Kathryn Henshaw, Sam Moor, Dukens Francois
Officially the Federal Republic of Brazil
Largest Country in both South America and Latin America (by area and population)
Largest Portuguese speaking country in the world (and the only one on the continent)
Population Data
Density: 28.23 people/km (2011)
Migration Rate: -.15migrants/1000people (2014)
Growth Rate: 1.0% (2012)
CBR: 15/1000 people (2012)
TFR: 1.8 per woman (2012)
IMR: 13/1000 (2009-2013)
CDR: 6/1000 (2012)
Percent Urbanized: 85% (2009-2013)
Life Expectancy: 76.2 (2013)
Rank: 57 (2013)
Aids Rate: 0.3% (ages 15-49) (2011)
GDI: 79th
GEM: 15.4%
Literacy Rate: 90%
Health Issues:
Mostly non-transmissible illness, childhood mortality, motherhood mortality, mortality by external causes

& 180 American Indian Languages
In April 1500, Brazil was claimed by Portugal on the arrival of the Portuguese fleet commanded by Pedro Álvares Cabral.
Why do so many people speak Portuguese in Brazil?
Other languages:
Food: Average meal is rice and beans with beef and a salad.
Family: Men are the primary providers in a family, women are expected to do the domestic duties.
-Only 40% of women in Brazil are employed
Clothing: Comfortable and vividly colored clothing is worn. Outfits are often beautifully crafted and decorated with accessories.
Recreation: soccer, "beach soccer," futsal, basketball, and auto racing
Religions: Catholic (Roman) 64%, Protestant 22%

Music- European and African Influences
-"Choro" music is popular
Type of Government: Brazillian Federation
-Multi-Party system with three branches (much like the U.S.)
Legal System: Roman-Germanic
Freedom House Pol. Rights Score: 2.0/7
Civil Rights Score: 217
Freedom Index: Free
Press Freedom: Free (11th)
Corruption Perception Index: 42/100
World Rank: 72/177

Conflicts: Military has overthrown government three times in history.

In the last 20 years there have been nearly 8,000 land invasions in rural areas staged by several million individuals. At the same time, more than 1,000 peasants and rural organizers have been assassinated in land-related disputes. In many circumstances, as with the famous case of Chico Mendes, landowners or the militias they fund and organize are directly responsible.

Located in S. America
8,514,867.599 km^2
Climate: Tropical
Arable land: 8.5%
Capital City: Brasilia
Top 3 Cities: (1) Sao Paulo (2) Rio De Janeiro (3) Salvador
GDP (ppp): 2.955 (2013) - World Rank 7
GDP (ppp) per capita: 8,373.46 USD (2009) - World Rank 62
HDI Status: high - HDI World Rank 83
(percent agricultural) 20%
(industrial) 14%
(services) 66%
Unemployment: 6.9% (2012)
Percent Below Poverty: 21.4%
Happy Planet Index: 52.9 - HPI World Rank 21/151


55% white, 38% black and white mix, 6% black, 1% other
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